Gee :D

This weekend was one of those see-saw ones. So, don’t quite know how to summarise how I feel at the end of it. There were moments where I was glad, and those that I felt like there is nothing much to life.

In retrospect, I suppose it was more of the latter than the former! It was a time like that when I decided to check on the blogs I haunt usually. Something to keep my mind occupied and I had a pleasant surprise.

Thank you BD, it was sure a shot in the arm 😀  I am so touched that you consider me worthy enough to give such a beautiful award. Em from Em’s Hideaway at the mysticemerald has designed this one.

To BeadDen, sure BD…we will be blog friends for a long time to come as you say 🙂

I would like to pass this on to
who I have known since we were kids and gotten to know her a little better now
MNA who has just become a friend of mine but is one of the sweetest guys I have gotten to know in recent times. (if you could discount his dry jokes 😉 )
Nikhil (who thinks he is God!!! Please excuse him 😉 ), Apu (one who does not seize to amaze me!) & Bedazzled (with G 🙂  a super cool couple) These people are again some of my recent friends but have been really supportive egging me on during tough times.
Imp’s mom As I keep saying we are soul sisters 😉

I am super late in passing on this really cool friendship band given by Arvind. My apologies to you! Better late than never 😉

I pass this on to
Laksh & A-kay : Have mentioned a zillion times as to how they have been there for me.
Shy aka Mia, Bavani, Rajitha : for all the kind words she writes here
Muse , Spillay & Sulz: who have been here to pep me up when am down, who have been appreciative.
Dinesh & Ritu: for bringing in some thoughtful comments and funny posts to bring a smile 🙂
Mahimaa : You would just keep salivating at all her beautiful recipes and wish you stayed at her place!! 🙂

The Chennai bloggers who have been mentioned in my blog so many times : Thank you for all the fun times we have.

I am blessed to have such friends some of whom I have not even met! Hoping this friendship continues for a long long time 😀 BD once more, thanks for passing the emerald award 🙂