I have always maintained that either God does not exist or is deaf.

Now I have proof that God is deaf!!

Sunday (that is tomorrow) is one of the holy days in the Hindu calendar. Especially for devotees of Lord Muruga (or Kumar in the north) here in Tamil Nadu. It is Thai Poosam.

So, what are the devotees doing? They have put up speakers like the one above (pic taken right outside my home). They blare music (supposedly devotional). They have set up a network all over the neighbourhood surrounding the temple nearby. This noise pollution started yesterday and will end tomorrow.

We complained saying we don’t approve of it when they came to collect donations for these “celebrations” The response – “It is only for a day!!”Β  Dad said well, it would not even take a day for us to go deaf with the speaker right in front of our home. Don’t even want to think of the plight of those living right behind that monstrosity! Though it does feel like we are the only ones complaining. Are we the over-sensitive ones in the neighbourhood?

Anyways, I have concluded God is deaf and people are stupid! If God were deaf, one should use sign language. Peace and quiet – more effective right?!May be everyone here thinks that only such a disruption would turn God’s attention here?!

Whatever it is – the answer to the existence of God, hearing capacities, stupidity of people around – result is that our sanity is being tested, hearing is going for a toss. Waiting for this to end! Well, there will be some quiet till the next event. Dreading election time!!!

Rant over!

13 thoughts on “proof!

  1. Hey Apar, you are spot on!! There is some vauge law against noise pollution, but that’s only for late in the night, I think. Perhaps it is the silly people’s idea of popularising the religion… πŸ˜€ Who’d fall for it, I wonder!

    I would’ve brought around ear plugs had I been any closer. Sympathies.

    Oh Ms CP, I don’t think even ear plugs would have really helped much! I check my phone to see missed calls…could not hear it ringing having set the ringer to outdoor mode!!

  2. That would drive me crazy, Apar! Sorry that you are being bombarded with noise pollution. They do the same for elections? Ugh…..

    It is BD! We can’t hear our own voices!!! Elections – worse. Multiparty, each canvassing with their own songs/speeches! Mayhem!!

  3. Yeah, its really annoying. All the exhibitionism in the name of religion. The long processions on the road, the loud speakers, etc. If they need to do something in the name of god, why penalise the rest of us. Keep religion, prayers, etc inside your home and temple premises. The rest of the atrocities are nothing but public nuisance.

    I had made a small mention about it in this post

    Why oh why? right? πŸ™‚

  4. Really sorry Apar! Why don’t you use this as an excuse and go on a vacation πŸ˜›

    Unfortunately A-kay…this was the one weekend, where I had no plans and in fact had to stay home 😦

  5. whether god doesn’t exist or he is deaf ..
    ultimately they both mean the same πŸ˜› ..
    and i just cant agree more with u πŸ˜€

    I just said that to Praddy! Just wish these devotees let us live in some peace & quiet!!

  6. God is an excuse they are being superstitious.
    And this is one thing that makes me mad – I hate loud noises!

    Loud noises should ideally drive any sane person mad. Now we know what the devotees are!

  7. Its against the law and you can call the police. The next time this happens, do call the cops. πŸ™‚

    I know…but honestly do you think it would make difference calling the police?! Not here!

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