Happiness is…

Saturday was a day of blog hopping. Thanks to Teeni who had linked quite a few blogs including moi 😀

After wishing JavaQueen and learning about self love day, I headed to Odette‘s blog. I found out that she has a birthday give away contest; the rules are as follows:

Write a post in your blog titled Happiness is…, listing in bullet form what happiness mean to you. It must be happiness felt with your five basic senses.

  • Sight : Seeing someone you love after a long time, smile on my son’s face, a beautiful sunset or sunrise, the change in colours of leaves during fall, crisp white snow on the ground, the first leaf/flower in the spring…long list 🙂 
  • Hearing: Sound of innocent laughter from the heart, sound of water be it rain, the waves at the beach, a waterfall, sometimes even a dripping faucet !! ;), sound of silence!

Somehow when I think of hearing, I am reminded of this tamil song that is about how various sounds are music to one’s ear depending on situations. Do listen to the song even if you don’t know tamil; it is a good one.

  • Smell: The smell that comes when first drops of rain fall on dry earth, smell of freshly bloomed flowers (esp love parijat aka coral jasmine), freshly bathed baby
  • Taste : of water when one is extremely thirsty, mum’s cooking, chocolate
  • Touch : Feel of a nice warm hug, soft and smooth feel of a baby’s skin /silk, feel of sand under your feet walking bare-feet along with the water touching just so lightly while taking a walk on the beach or the feel of freshly cut grass under your feet, the feel of a cool breeze on a hot day

Just to add, I could not answer the question asked by Teeni when she asked about the 5 secrets to happiness. Here I am listing what happiness is… Weird right? 🙂

The sixth sense though tells me that these are just a few moments of happiness, something one might cherish later on, remember with fondness. So, I must say I am pretty ignorant about the secrets to happiness!! 


Then found out another blogger Jeanny also having a birthday give away here.


Seems like a trend does it not? Birthday give aways 🙂 Well, anyways…more fun… wishing both Odette & Javaqueen a very happy birthday!! 😀