I have Neil Ang’s site on my reader and this is his latest post about his computer namer.

It just randomly picks a name for your computer and of course mine is “Daedalus”. You could also suggest names for computers in that site for the namer.

Total time pass this! 🙂

14 thoughts on “Daedalus

  1. I just checked that site, it gives a name each time you click on the random button. how do we select the correct name??

    Btw, I have named my computer Lappie long ago!

    I know!! I told ya…it is total time pass!! I have given the first name that was thrown to me cos I liked this one 😉 Seriously “Lappie”?!?

  2. That was fun… mine is FIREFLY!! 😀

    would you not have loved it if it were butterfly? May be you must suggest that or a fave species of butterfly!

  3. I agree, this is fun! Mine is Xaaron.
    “Xaaron was one of the oldest Transformers and was regarded by some to be the greatest peacetime leader in Cybertronian history”
    I am just too cool! 😎

    Transformers!! Wow!! that is cool!! way too cool Muse 😀 You should let your machine know that it has a cool name, may be that would inspire it not to give you problems! 😉

  4. Heimdall
    what the hell does that mean ?? 😛

    i wonder if it is english word 😛

    No idea! Though that is what google and wiki are there for! 😀

  5. Hey hey! I was googling my own name and came across this post. Thanks to everyone for taking the time to try out the site.

    It’s great to know you guys had a little fun with it 😉

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