The past…

One question many of us get asked one time or the other.

If you could, what would you change in your past?

I really could and have listed quite a few things I could have done differently. Almost everyone I have heard answer this question has something or the other on that list. How one could have not done something, or done something differently….

I have to say here that I know of two close friends of mine who regret nothing. Absolutely nothing! I asked them over and over, if they were sure. They said they were content the way things were. I must say that it is not like their lives have been totally smooth. They have had their shares of ill-luck, lots of ups with downs. Yet, they are fine! They say they learnt from each experience. 

There are times I wish I learnt that composure. I wish I stopped resenting what I had done or wished I could have done something different, said something else. I know in my mind that we cannot change our past. Though I could never answer “nothing” to that question. May be someday 🙂 or may be I would be honest as always in listing what I would do differently!! 😉

So, what would your answer be? or would it be more who say nothing whatsoever to amaze me even more!! 😀