The past…

One question many of us get asked one time or the other.

If you could, what would you change in your past?

I really could and have listed quite a few things I could have done differently. Almost everyone I have heard answer this question has something or the other on that list. How one could have not done something, or done something differently….

I have to say here that I know of two close friends of mine who regret nothing. Absolutely nothing! I asked them over and over, if they were sure. They said they were content the way things were. I must say that it is not like their lives have been totally smooth. They have had their shares of ill-luck, lots of ups with downs. Yet, they are fine! They say they learnt from each experience. 

There are times I wish I learnt that composure. I wish I stopped resenting what I had done or wished I could have done something different, said something else. I know in my mind that we cannot change our past. Though I could never answer “nothing” to that question. May be someday 🙂 or may be I would be honest as always in listing what I would do differently!! 😉

So, what would your answer be? or would it be more who say nothing whatsoever to amaze me even more!! 😀


17 thoughts on “The past…

  1. 🙂 I can see all of us reflecting on the past!!!

    well, there is actually too much i wanna change about my past.. dont even know where to start…

    But one thing that would have made a world of difference would have been taking up a job outside of chennai!!!

    So, there is one thing you would like to change 😀

  2. actually i will be the 3rd friend who feels..”i don’t want anything to change from the past”..contended with what i have!

    Honestly, I expected this answer from you!

  3. hmm…. i’ve made a lot of mistakes, have learned from them and I’m one of those who never cries over spilled milk..So I guess its nothing..

    and pls come on over, have something for u! 🙂

    Nice…I know we can’t change anything…but when asked, I really list things out 😦
    I saw..and I am sorry for the delay in acknowledging the load of awards! Don’t quite know if I deserve them!!

  4. oh i would never say nothing. i wish i could live my whole life again to do so many things differently. but i also realise if i could do that i’d be a very different person. i might not even blog! anyway, when i play computer games, i always like to start from the beginning even though i’ve conquered that level so many times, just because i want to do it right this time. sort of explains how i feel about regrets in my life.

    How cool would it be if we could start things all over just like a game? Though, you are right about being a different person if those decisions in the past had been different

  5. I would honestly have to say, “Nothing.” I do believe what is in the past, should stay there. Learn from it, and move on…one day at a time. *)* Nice blog!

    Welcome here Doraz! Yeah…one day at a time – I am trying 🙂

  6. It would be a lie if I say nothing. I wish I could turn back the clock… or God appears to me and grant me a wish so I could go back in time… there are lot of things… from little as extracting a tooth to losing a close friend for reasons only God knows why…

    I cheat myself by telling that there is no such thing as too late in life… when it isn’t truly like that… sometimes its way too late to do something… and cheat myself by saying that miracles do happen and everything will be fine soon… then cry over it because nothing have changed… and I’m afraid to accept life as it is…

    Welcome here Selvi! extracting a tooth?! Join the club of being afraid to accept life as it is. I truly believe that most of us at some point or the other have been part of it. Some deny it. Some like you boldly accept it. Don’t know about miracles, but I have been told over and over it is never too late. So, whatever it is; hope you find a way. Keep visiting 🙂

  7. oh there are a few things but they were not that bad if i think now. i gained a lot of experience and knowledge of life (especially what not to do) from those. and as Sulz said then i wouldn’t be me,what i am today. and i think i turned out fine so i better not change anything. who knows life today could have been worse if we had not done that.

    the right thing would be to not think about the past which we can’t change. there is so much worry about the future 😉

    TODAY’S DECISIONS ARE TOMORROW’S REALITIES. better learn from past and never repeat the same mistakes again. and be more cautious in future not to have those times which we might want to change again.

    True…we would not be what we are today as in what the experiences have made us. Would I be cautious – probably! Will I lose faith in other people because of what has happened? I don’t think so! 😀

  8. I thought and thought and thought about this one, Apar. There are actually a zillion little (nevertheless important) things I wish I had done differently.

    Wish I’d been a less sulky teenager; wish I’d spent more time with my grandpa and I’d made a journal of his life experiences before it was too late… Things like that.

    All the same, I choose not to think about whether I would like any life altering changes. Makes one too wistful!

    I am still thinking about this MsCP! Would I ? Would I not? Libra in me. The practical person in me knows, it makes no diff. Things are what they are and would be what they were! I guess this stems from certain life altering decisions I took in the past though! 🙂

  9. If there was a chance I might change somethings I think … 🙂
    But since there is no such chance then it is wiser to not dwell too much on what one could have done differently. This is an interesting questions and anybody who says they will change nothing is very content indeed!

    Practically there is absolutely no chance IHM. I accept that. Hypothetically though? 🙂

  10. Seriously it would be a nothing. I am still single,so no marriages to rectify..relationships..yeah had some bad ones but they gave so many good things 😀 which I can think abt n enjoy.I am in a job, infact earning more than my past,so happy abt it too.May be changed my career path but then that was left in the hand of parents,so dont think they wud have chosen anything different…On the whole yappy n content with life so far…or wait may be I shud have asked the green eyed bong out 2 weeks back 😛 😛

    Aah…does this Bong have a name? Well, not too late – ask her now…hopefully with your luck, she does not have a fiance or husband in tow! 😉

  11. I would change lot of things…things i have done and things/circumstances given to me. One thing I sure won’t change is ‘to be born my mother’s child’
    Good weekend Apar. Hope A is doing well.

    Well, obviously if we can change things in the past, it will be selective not everything. I would be born to my parents and would definitely want A as my son (with whom is a different question 😉 )

  12. I would like to change some things from my past. But it is too late and I don’t want to spend my time wondering what if or being upset over it.
    My past is over and done. They are the choices that I made.

    The only thing left is here and now.

    I wish I could be at peace with the choices I made. I know I cannot change them now practically…still. True BD, what is left is here and now!! Probably will make more mistakes – C’est la vie, n’est-ce pas?

  13. ah !! there could be a big lissssst..
    but anyway what difference would it make .. 😛 ..

    It is a hypothetical question! Of course no one can change the past!! 😀

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