Depression – What not to say?

I had written this and saved in drafts for quite a while (I think it is almost a year now!!) Was cleaning up the drafts folder deleting posts that did not seem relevant now. When I read this one, I felt like it still fits absolutely. Quite apt even now! Right now actually!! 😦

I came across this page…

Worst Things to Say to Someone Who Is Depressed

Have heard almost every sentence on that list! 🙂

I know everyone means well…yet! some of those statements hurt really bad. I understand that being on the other side. Seeing a loved one go through hell is sheer hell by itself. 

What would I expect someone to tell me when I feel low? I don’t know…it really depends on the circumstances. I just know that I have all my well wishers. I might have alienated some with my attitude when some one consoles me with one of those many (really really exhaustive!!) phrases. 

I once read this list when I was in one of my highs (emotional/mental only 😉 ) I realised there is not much left to say to some one depressed at all. 

I don’t know the right things. I probably have done a lot of faux-pas either having said one of those myself or reacted harshly to some one who did that to me.

This is truly a random rumination. Seeking answers. Throwing up questions. Doubt if I ever will find anything at all I seek in life! 😦