Apar just took the “What Kind of -oholic are you?” quiz and the result is shopoholic.

This was one of the random quizzes I took up on blog things. There are many such ones I take for passing time on blogthings and facebook. Some are uncannily accurate; some not even close. This is quite so. I am not a shopaholic. I remember times I go to shop and end up coming home with nothing.

Though this post is not about whether I am a shopaholic or not. Just that last week , thursday was a really bad day. I was being pulled down into depression. Friday, I woke up and decided new day, will take it that way. Things only felt like they were getting worse. End of the day, I got to spend little money on a lot of books for A. Really good deal. That just pumped me up. I was back to my normal self, smiling away. I realised then that things had not changed, those that pulled me down were still there but giving that money and getting that good buy – pulled me out of the trench. It sure did make a difference instead of moping around during the weekend, A & I ended up reading those books ( more work!! phew 😉 but enjoyable 🙂 ) I guess shopping helps. May be being a shopaholic is not a bad thing. It sure beats being depressed and making life hell for all around who care for you.

I know that as long as certain things change, I would be hit by events that would pull me down. I don’t know if I would go about shopping or end up crying my eyes out to a friend to beat that period next time around. This weekend though was sure saved by books. Just a thought as I am typing this – I don’t know if it were the shopping that helped or buying books for A that helped. I think it is the latter cos many a times, I have ended up thinking I am unworthy of things I bought for myself and have felt even more depressed 🙂 Whatever it was, weekend saved!! Hoping for a better week (I think I am overstepping by hoping for a whole good week!! State at which my life is, I must be glad if I get a good day!)


7 thoughts on “Shopping

  1. if only shopping could cure all our miseries that way! 🙂 i love shopping but i know retail therapy doesn’t really work for me. a good sleep sometimes does the trick for me. after crying my eyes out about whatever that’s bothering me!

    Don’t yet know what does the trick for me…seriously!! Will shout it out when I discover that!! 😀

  2. shopping sure can bring you out of the blues instantly but can’t hold you there for long.. but sometinmes we need jolts like this to atleast bring us to surface to see what we have and what we are missing out..

    happy shopping.. buy something for yourself too the next weekend.. 🙂

    I know! but on a day like the one I was having, something bringing out a smile…and that was that 🙂 Will try Oorja, I am so not a shopper though!!!

  3. Y do you always get him books and book related stuffs? Oh yeah, I meant that book shelf ! Get him some G.I.Joes or Transformers so that even I can come over and play 😀

    Come over and see what all he already has!!!!! I am going bankrupt here!! High time you guys contributed 😉 😉

  4. retail therapy always works gurl…

    and guess what, I was just drafting a post on the FB quizzes 😛

    and this time, buy something for yourself! It works, been there u knw 🙂

    Retail therapy is such a temp fix 😦 I will be going on a shopping spree…a cousin getting married and am the only sis he has got 😉

  5. Thats my standard advice for folks in depression. Hear the swiping sound of ur credit card, that give a great high :). on the lines of run lola run…shop abar shop 😛

    Nice…wanna lend your credit card? 😉

  6. It does feel good to do something nice for someone (especially A) 😉 and books, you know, don’t count as shopping! At least not the -oholic kind of shopping. 😛

    Aah!!! nice to know am not a shopoholic! 🙂 Thought buying anything came under that category!! And yeah….feels good to see a smile on A’s face. It just lights his face up!! 😀

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