Unlucky me!

For some reason I thought it has been quite a while since I posted. I checked…and my last post was just on June 13!! Not bad eh?

Anyways, I suppose this is going to be one random post. Lots of things brewing on my mind that I am thinking of penning down. First of all, reason for these infrequent posts and more infrequent visits to blogs (okay not visiting blogs I frequent 😦 ) – technical difficulties. We have 2 machines at home – my dad’s windows desktop and my macbook. I also had a 1.5 TB external HDD attached which was compatible to both. First my HDD crashed!!!! (Had A’s DVDs ripped and stored – all gone, his photos/ videos, documents, back ups!!! – A friend offered to recover the stuff and give it. Crossing fingers & toes!!). Then internet connectivity fails. Thought it was a problem with the network or the modem provided by the ISP – and after a week, they figured out everything is alright and asked us to check our desktop. The guy fiddled with my mac on his visit; my mac crashed!!!!!!! Then well, you guessed it right, my dad’s desktop crashed too!! So, 2 machines and nothing!! It was torture! Finally got my mac up. Still in the process of getting the Windows machine up. HDD must ask my friend about the status! So, now feels like having brand new machines with no data on them 😦 and no back up also!! Tragedy!!! 😦 Boohoo!!! 😦

At work, I tried to apply for a permanent position (I work as a temp now obviously!) I did not even get shortlisted for the skills test. The reason when I enquired to me sounds pretty ridiculous. Politics at play? Probably just my plain bad luck in life as usual I suppose!!

Did I say I was unlucky??!? Well, not really. I had booked for a Tata Nano. I did get an allotment! Woohooo!!! 😀 Thought that winds are changing. Signs of life turning around. I guess I counted chicken before they hatched!! I check and find that I would get the car in the last quarter Oct- Dec 2010. Waiting for a car for one and a half years having paid in full for it!!!! (It is a cheap car – still a huge amount to get locked up like that!)  I have cancelled my allotment. It would take a month to get the money back after deduction of booking fee – They had debited my account within 24 hours when I paid them! Thing that pissed me off, the guys who served me at the automobile dealer centre; did not even offer a seat for us (A, dad & I had gone!) Basic courtesies!!!???

End result: I am unlucky. I must be avoided at all costs; like the plague!!! May be I must avoid me -just wondering how?! I apologise for not visiting any blogs. Will get back on track asap! Did I not just say that I must be avoided?! Here I am saying I would visit making life tough for one and all 😉

Edited to add: I forgot to add – My bike (ok Nikhil scooter! 🙂 ) has been found to have a manufacturing defect. The petrol tank leaks. The speedometer & odometer stopped working. I am a fool who gave the bike with a full tank of gas to the mechanic!!

I also happen to have lost a gold chain (my mangasutra – forget the significance of the same. Don’t really care about that…..but at the rate of gold currently – it is definitely a huge loss!!!)  😦

15 thoughts on “Unlucky me!

  1. Computer crashing – NOT ur fault.. that is the damned fault of the damned technology i tell u.. they all conspire against us!!! if they are working alright, we get head weight, so every now and then they go crash boom bang!! 😀

    HDD – oh,well, silly thing!!! it just played along with the computer and fell right into the trap.. am sure its sitting in a corner, sulking and missing u like crazy now!!! 🙂

    Job- oh,those peepals dont know what they missed out and they are being silly silly silly by saying u dint fill that out, this out.. manangatti kuppa… tell them to go shove it!!! … 😉

    Car – bah!! why u worry about not getting Nano? who wants a car that the rest of the world also wants?? lets be uniquee.. go get urself a super cool car and drive around.. show it off to all those who are waiting for their nanos.. which may or may not come!! 😀 [who’s got the last laugh now… !!! lol]

    bike- well, lets just say Eswari were lucky!! they got away with verbal thrashing.. and that guy who quit, probably got fired cos he kept shouting at customers that it was their fault when all the while it was the manufacturers’ fault!! may his pipes leak forever… hehehe ..

    hey, u forgot to mention that u got to ride the bus?? how cool was that!! 😀

    [Phew, i was on a roll!!!] 🙂

    Oh Aaarti…you really were on a roll!!! See ya tomorrow 😀

  2. gosh when it rain it really pours in your part of the world. 😦 i hope things will get better for you soon. as for the job, there’s a better side to it – you’ve been telling me how you don’t enjoy working there due to the politics so maybe it was a blessing in disguise that you were not considered for a permanent position? though looking for a new job all over again can be daunting and frustrating!

    Yeah!! quite a devastating downpour!!! How are things with you?!

  3. Oh, I am sorry about you losing all A’s documents, and all. What a lot going on!
    You are right, you must be avoided! I am avoiding you right now! In fact, I’m not even going to comment on this post! —Hah! As if. 🙂
    You are delightful and I will continue to visit you, so there! I just hope things get better for you. I know it is horrible to be without a computer!

    Muse!! Thank you!! I am hoping things get better too…though don’t know how long I can just keep hoping. Not having a computer was really horrible – though silver lining more time spent with A!!

  4. Oh Apar.. i know nothing i say wil be very useful.. still..

    you didn’t have a CD backp of A’s docs..?
    I had the files on my desktop, back up on my HDD….Have never had luck with CD or DVD backups..hence the DVD rips of the DVDs that A owns!!! 🙂
    as for job better you apply for some good one full time ofcourse.

    Yeah searching…that is a never ending one I suppose!!! No luck whatsoever in that! 😦

    rest i do agree with Aarti.. 🙂

    😀 She is a really good friend and I have troubled her a lot!!! 🙂
    and i believe ‘Everything will be alright” from the movie Jumbo.. watched it yesterday.. very bad anmation still the elephant looked cute.. story was typical Indian movie.. avenge the Father’s killer. 🙂

    lol!! Yeah,…but when is the question!!

    hey apar do you know how “Enge bramanan” ended..? i missed a few episodes and suddenly it was replaced by “Vikramadiyan Kadaigal”.. they should advertise in advance that they’ll be ending a serial so we don’t miss the last episode..

    Mum told me that Ashok was Vasishtar swaroopam who came down in search of the true brahmin as prescribed by the texts…he went back to heaven saying that “brahmin” does not exist. Seems that is how it ended… I missed the last few episodes too. 🙂

  5. looks like the rise of the machines…
    Imagine if machines one day grew brains and decided to make our life hell… Hmmm..
    Then again, It’s just a series of unfortunate events…
    You did have a lot o laughs meeting the awesome bloggers though!

    YEah!!! rise of the machines!!!

  6. Holy crap!! Of all the things you’ve written, the most insane thing is that you canceled your car!!! Why?? Why?? Why?? Why?? Why?? Why?? Why?? Why?? Why?? Why?? Why?? Why?? Why?? Why?? Why?? Why?? Why?? Why?? Why?? Why?? Why?? Why?? Why?? Why?? Why?? Why?? Why?? Why?? Why?? Why??

    I told you …so now you know 😀

  7. I dont think any of these things happen only to you. In fact I think these are pretty routine things that happens now and then to everybody. So I dont think it is far to cite them as examples of you being unlucky.

  8. I have been away from blogland too, but there is no way i will avoid you! 🙂
    Sorry to hear about your bad luck. 😦

    Here’s hoping things get better soon. Take care, Apar and hope to get back into blogging and catching up soon! Until then, I’ll be keeping you in my thoughts.

    Thanks a million BD!!!

  9. this happens.. duein certain times.. when everythin goes wrong.. th entire chain will be broken and u ll find it difficult to get back into track.. bt tht ll happen.. coz nothin is permanent

    Welcome here Sachi! Been waiting for the chain to get broken for way too long now!!! 😦

  10. Someone’s had a rough period! Never mind ya… sometimes God loves playing practical jokes on us!

    Btw, I’m lookin to buy a Nano too….wud luv to know how it performs. Its such a cute car!

    Welcome here Mirage!! God thinks I am a punching bag…so no reprieve for me there. About the Nano, I have cancelled the booking…so wrong person to ask for review. Sorry!!

  11. Why aren’t you posting any more? When would you be back?

    Long Story!! and I don’t know !! I am back replying to comments?!?!

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