And then a few more…

My last post was about how people constantly keep telling me to move on when it comes to P and I really don’t know what else I must do to say “OMG! I am done with him!!!! I am not hanging about waiting for him!!” Must I print it out on the newspaper that I am over him?!, scream from the rooftop till my lungs explode?! Well, I am doing the least I can, declaring it here in my space. All I am waiting for is the paper that would end the relationship legally and nothing but!!!!!

Now that said and done….it is at least clear. The relationship is over clearly but what about those you think are still there, yet know that it is not the same. These people are there, yet they are not. Do we write them off the list saying they are out of your life or try to keep reaching out and getting hurt when there is no response?! Such people Β range from new friends to those who had been really close that you have shown every single aspect of yourself and some in-between!!! Relationships are way too complex…any thing one does one has to analyse. I am so tired of that. Wondering have I done something wrong? Is that person mad at me? Did I unintentionally hurt him/her? Too many things to process for my non-existent brain πŸ˜€

Just a sunday morning rant. Hope things are as simple as making A laugh and brighten up the moment like only he can πŸ˜€ for me and for everyone around πŸ˜‰


7 thoughts on “And then a few more…

  1. Do we write them off the list saying they are out of your life or try to keep reaching out and getting hurt when there is no response?

    facing this problem myself with the few people i still care about but shouldn’t. i wish they can tell me if they want me in or out of their lives, but asking such a question is too stupid. not to mention i probably won’t get the real answer from them.

  2. I have noticed when couples break-up, sometimes friendships do too. The comfort level gets strained.

    It’s hard when one of them want you to choose. What if you are the friend and still want to keep both as friends?

    It is a sad thing when friendships are lost due to a break up. Sorry that this is yet another cog in the wheel for you, Apar.

  3. Sweet Apar, I will tell you how I deal with these issues, while knowing that it may not be your way. I think friends come and go in our lives. Sometimes they go forever, and sometimes they are gone for years, but meet us again to catch up and it’s like they were never gone. But, day-to-day friends must have things in common, must be able to discuss relevant topics, otherwise the friendship becomes stale.
    The only piece of advice I can offer—which you are free to not use! πŸ˜‰ is just see how it feels inside when you think of contacting a person. If it doesn’t feel good, don’t do it. If they are no longer your friend because of that, someone else will be.

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