Mine is bigger!

Been a while since I posted anything. I suppose Β I feel like a lot is happening and at the same time, nothing is! I also don’t think it is the Libra in me doing the talking….it really is like that!

This is just a short note to figure out one particular why!? Why do people compare their lives?! Especially the difficulties? My life is tougher than yours. I have more problems than you so am more miserable. Seriously, I wonder if misery can actually be quantified? I sympathise/empathise with another person’s difficulties but to say OMG! you are suffering so much more than some one else!? No, can’t do that.

At one point in life, even a paper cut felt like it was the end of the world to me. It hurt like hell! Now, it feels like nothing. My troubles would seem like nothing to some one else. Is it not to each one’s own? I would rather one person be there for the other than say hey, I go through worse! How do you know you go through worse? How is it that you know the agony the other person faces in life?! I don’t make comparisons; what gives you the right to say ” oh you can smile, so your life is good!” Should I carry a frown or a sad face all along? Should I just lock myself up and seek attention?!

Just something some one said that brought me down the spiral. Hope everyone faces their problems the way they can handle it, just don’t quantify the pain. What is not painful to you might be excruciating for the other! One might have a blessing among so many other “punishments”. Do not envy that blessing…that person might have just that one thing!

As my mother says, count your blessings!


15 thoughts on “Mine is bigger!

  1. Hugs!!! that was for you being the awesome person YOU are…!!!

    Its like building blocks.. People keep comparing and putting their woes on top to either
    -get attention
    – just used to wallowing in their pits…

    but as you rightly said, each one to their own.. only they know what they are going thru and how tough their life is…

    1. Thankoo! Just venting!! I was ok until then, suddenly it hit me that I have problems!! lots of them with no solutions whatsoever!! I guess I must just keep pouting and not even smile πŸ™‚

      1. Intha pouting ellam nadakkathu… dont u dare follow suit with all those wierd ppl who whiine n pout all the time~~ u be the YOU only, okay~~! :)..

        we’ll deal with life ~!!

  2. Misery cannot be quantified. Only the one going through it can know the pain. Even the parents can’t take away unhappiness and who would want to take it away more…? I wish every problem had an easy solution .. 😦

    Hugs. Take care.

  3. Exactly. We unconsciously compare things a lot of times, irrelevant one thing with irrelevant another!

    “I also don’t think it is the Libra in me doing the talking”
    There are 12 signs and if each person belonging to a sign has to do the “Sign’s talking” then we will have (6 billion divided by12) people in the world talking the same way. Man, that would be noisy.

  4. I’ve seen this type of thing a lot where there seems to be a competition on who has it worse in life. Seriously, it seems like such a childish and silly thing that nobody would expect to see adults act this way but they do! Sad to say, I cannot say that I have not also gotten myself caught up in it at times. But at least now I can see what a big waste of time this is as well as how pathetic. I mean, does anyone really want to have it the worst? To have all their friends and family pity them and feel sorry for them? I don’t think so. I think that all people are really searching for is an acknowledgment of some sort for their suffering. We should test this out as an experiment. πŸ˜‰

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