Proud of Madras!

Bloghopping, I came across this post on Madras. Krish Ashok – Thank you for voicing out about Madras!

Lonely Planet… Bias gets you nowhere. Chennai or Madras as I like to call it and where I have grown up in is a lot bigger than the 70 sq km that you quote. I think Krish Ashok has responded to your “amazing” overview of my home city!! This is the post that Lonely Planet has written


8 thoughts on “Proud of Madras!

  1. well atleast now they edited it..i mean lonely planet.if only some proper chennaite was allowed to write the piece..but its better those amits read this and keep away from dear madras..its as good as it

  2. They edited the article on Oct 19…
    Is it just me or does this sound a little sarcastic?
    “Chennai is so modest you wouldn’t even know it’s an economic powerhouse, much less a queen of showbiz: India’s fourth-largest city is its most humble. “

  3. Hey, u from Madras too? And I’m so glad you chose to title your post ‘Madras’ and not ‘Chennai’. I somehow feel quite strange calling it Chennai even after all these years!!

  4. apar, i agree with you 100%. whether or not one lives in madras, it is undoubtedly one of the BEST places on earth to be…… curiouscharacter and krishashok nailed it.

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