Dancing in the rain :)

The day started off really well, just the kind of weather I like :). I got to know that I would be having a job for the next 9 months. That was great news!! I went over to spend some time with colleagues prepping for a halloween party. By the time we were done, it started to pour.

I love the rains!! I started to put my hands out and catch the downpour, ended up just going out and twirling around, getting wet. I did not want to ride home in the rain and this was the way I spent the time waiting for it to subside. People around me must have thought “Crazy woman!!!” but I loved every minute of it. Lightning, thunder and a heavy downpour. Enjoyed it.

The downpour came down to a drizzle. It was getting late, A was waiting at home!! (yeah I remembered I had a kid to go home to 😉 ). I drive down, the roads are flooded. Traffic everywhere!!! To top it all, my bike stalled every other minute. Was wondering each time whether it would just die. My bike’s headlights did not function. Icing on the cake, my fuel gauge was edging towards “empty”. I rode on. The thrill of what might happen felt nice.

I know I have cribbed many a times of wanting to know what is in store. How is this different? Well, for starters, I knew what I had to do. It is not like life off late where I did not know what is in store, had (have) no plans and even if I did have plans they did not work!!

Reached home and hugged A (who asked me to change cos I had wet clothes on!! Wonder who the parent is!!!!! :D). Felt like I loved life all of a sudden. Was it knowing I would be employed for the next few months? Was it just spending the evening and feeling free!!!??? Whatever it is, it felt good. It feels good to share this here! 🙂

To more such days!!

10 thoughts on “Dancing in the rain :)

  1. Yayy! Just what I wanted to hear. Was feeling kinda mellow and down and reading your post pepped me up. Its raining here too not the kind I like though. Its those trickle, trickle all day rain that drives me nuts!!!

  2. I came here again to say, apar you were like Kajol in a song from movie sapna and I liked it …the free spirited kajol singing..awara bhawre.hey holle holle gayein .

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