This post has been been coming for quite a while now. I had been debating whether to key it in or not. Some events in life just push you enough to do just that.

The saying goes,

To err is human, forgive divine

This never had much significance until recent events. You know when sometimes you have no choice but to tender an apology. You know that you had done nothing wrong, nothing for you to actually be sorry about; but you have to. I had been put into that situation just recently. A very good friend said just do it & let it be. I, after quite a bit of debating in my mind, followed his advice and did just that, apologised. What shocked me was that the persons who received the apology also very well know that it was not necessary, yet… acted like they were royalty of some kind and brushed it off. The snobbish attitude just hit hard.

It was then that the saying hit me. Yes, it definitely takes character to accept an apology. The apology in itself is hard to tender. The receiver must have the heart & mind to accept it. I realised that there is more humility involved in being the receiver and acting right than in saying sorry. The way one reacts to an apology does make a world of difference to how the relationship goes forward or just stagnates & dies; to how one would perceive you as a person. The magnanimity will earn respect; and acting otherwise would probably erase the little you would have for the person. Every action has a reaction?! Questions of integrity will probably fill a whole different post. 🙂

Though in retrospect I wonder if my thought that I did not want to actually apologise carried through. I thought I did the right thing as the situation demanded and was sincere. Somehow, even if the apology was namesake, the reaction could have been equally namesake instead of what I actually got. Am I even making sense?! I don’t know but just felt that many of us need to really learn to accept when someone says sorry!

Just penned down some thoughts I had and the opinions thereafter. I don’t know if it is the norm; but felt like it sounds common sensical 🙂 Apologies if I hurt anyone (and I mean it 🙂 )