I always thought that unless you are listening to a concert or you are at a party, the music you listen to is your personal choice. Well, not so much say others πŸ™‚

Lately, I have been subject to listening to music emanating from mobiles. One has no choice but to listen to it, whether you like it or not! I even tried reasoning once with such a user. Surprise – it fell on deaf ears!!

I cannot understand why people are not sensitive to what others are subjected to. Weird thing is, the same few people comment on my taste of music!!! I listen to mine with my earphones plugged well into my ear. Just imagine – listening to whatever I am and the music from the neighbour’s mobile is heard above that! Now imagine multiple users playing loud music at the same time. Result is just cacophony!

Wish that each of us really listen and think of what the other person wants. A little courtesy does go a long long way. On public demand a few songs are definitely welcome to be heard aloud. Say the season calls for it, like Christmas and carols on speaker – fine. I just want to draw the line there though. Popular demand is one thing and forcing something is another! This behaviour is akin to blaring those speakers I had written about here. Simple mobile phones also carry headphones for a reason. Please use them!!! πŸ˜€ Request hope I don’t have to make it a demand!!!

Crib time over for the day πŸ™‚ Feel bad that the first post after reflecting on the past year is a crib!! Β Sorry! but then at least I have posted πŸ˜‰