Comfort zones

How easy is it for one to just fall into these comfort zones?! We do crib about them – oh the pain of getting up early, battling that terrible traffic, those deadlines at work so on and so forth. Though it all hits you that it is better to be complaining about something like that, be in that comfort zone rather than be out there looking for something to do.

I am now in that mode. Back to being out of the job I have held for the past 10 months where in I complained about all the politics there – but heck I had a job! My comfort zone is gone, I have no safety net either. Now it is back to sending out resumes. Feels so much like déjà vu. People who have been following this space would be quite familiar with a similar post earlier.  Anyways, am here, am looking for a job yet again. Same problems as before – oh I am a bit older than before (not necessarily wiser 😉 ). Out of the comfort zone of just getting up, getting things ready, heading out to work to posting my resumé, waiting for that elusive job! I guess in a while I will be back to being at home, sleeping the entire day just so that I don’t feel depressed only to be up with A.

It is so easy to say – start afresh. Don’t bother about the past. Is it all in just my mind? When I go face an interview(if called for that is…) will it be acceptable to say “oh am starting afresh!” ?! I realise that it is not just about me stepping out of my zone; it involves the others doing so too. I cannot expect that to happen – that is not realistic nor practical.

Being jobless, just put me back to where I was about a year back. Count my blessings?! well -A for one (?! sometimes I do see him as a more a responsibility alone!), friends who are still there to endure me & my mood swings …

I now should stop hoping for better things but start to hope to get the mindset of accepting that this is all there is to life. I was wrong in saying A is only a part of my life. Everyone out there wins!!! Yes, he is all there is to my life!

Please do not tell me that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. There are better things to come. God has something good in store. Great things are to come for those who endure all this! God has his own plans. There cannot be only downs, time for you to go up…. and all that. Heard all these way too many times. I know all that is said to make me feel better, hopeful. NO!!! it does not! It makes me feel angry, then depressed! I do smile/laugh/ be stupid but… this intense void is still there.

Funny thing is: Astrologers who read my horoscope (each and every one) have said I will have a great career life!! – wonder where that is?! I don’t even have a job!!!

5 thoughts on “Comfort zones

  1. I now should stop hoping for better things but start to hope to get the mindset of accepting that this is all there is to life.

    i feel for you. this line really strikes me because i feel i should be thinking that way too.

    when i was frustrated with my job i felt like quitting was better than working for people i don’t care for. now that i’m not so emotional i know that at least i have one less worry (paying the bills) even if i’m stuck in a situation that gives me little joy.

    perhaps if i should change the way i think i might find that life doesn’t have to be so hard. for me i find it harder to break habits like thinking there is something better out there! i still believe in it.

    as for you, no matter what to choose to believe, i’m still your friend. i’m sure many of your friends will say the same thing too. and if working life and office politics have taught me anything, it’s that true friends are so hard to find!

    meanwhile, keep your spirit up! you’re bound to find a job. whether you like it or not, that’s a different question. 😉 *hugs*

    1. Sulz!! Thanks for being my friend! Hope to meet you in person either when you make the trip to India or may be A & I will make the trip to your place 😉

      I suppose all of us battle with our demons with frustrations, questions et al! Wishing the best to you! *hugs*

  2. I now should stop hoping for better things but start to hope to get the mindset of accepting that this is all there is to life. — sigh!! tough lesson we learn in life, at some point or the other!!!

    Yep..sometimes we get caught up in the comfort zone, that it scares to think of being outside… the uncertainties is what causes this fear!!! 🙂

    Go on girl… make a leap….!! 🙂

  3. Very true. Starting afresh is easier said then done….for one, people are not willing to give you an opportunity. Im also goin through job hunt process…same ol profile, nothing new and interesting to offer. And where there was something better on the profile, they were not comfy with the idea that I knew nothing about it. 😦 😦

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