This post is up as a result of my unyielding but relentless efforts at contacting a few people. One assumes that in this day & age, reaching someone would be child’s play – that is true only if that person wants to communicate.

Gone are the days when one had to actually write a letter, put a pen to paper – make that effort, write, address it & post it. It depended on the postal service if it would eventually reach the recipient or not.

Weren’t people a little more communicative in those times!?

Weird! Almost everyone has at least one mobile phone, one email ID. There are so many social networking sites, twitter and what not. Yet, why has it become such an effort to get in touch with some one?!

One calls, the call is not answered. Worse, most people do not even return those missed calls!!! Mails go unanswered. I wonder if it is the skeptical me but are people generally being more rude than ever?! Does etiquette even get featured here?!

Personally, I tend to reply to mails sent to me (if at all!!! 😉 ), answer all IMs, tweets if I am mentioned, respond to messages on my Facebook wall. It is not that I have no work at all as that seems to be the most popular excuse.” I am busy!!!”

Was wondering if it were just me or people are ignoring others intentionally even (think this because there are caller-ids! 🙂 ). Is it  a message to say hey I don’t want to be friends with you any more? Like breaking up over a text message, may be this is the not so subtle way of saying get off my life!?

Being unreachable with so many means of communicating sounds utterly ridiculous to me. It is not like one is in the remote Amazonian jungle with absolutely no connectivity at all (or am I in stone age and there is superb connectivity even there?! :D). Communication means seem to have evolved, but unfortunately I feel that most people have decided not to use these effectively! Keeping in touch with each other could never be easier, yet it seems like such a chore!!

Here is to technology! Let us all make effective use of it! To those who want to be rude, I really don’t know what to say not that you care!


8 thoughts on “Communication

    1. I suppose so! 🙂 At this rate, we will forget how to hold a pen and write even! 😀 wonder if I remember! 😉

  1. 😮 This one gave me a deja vu! Have you written about this before!?
    Anyways. Am ashamed to say I fall in one of those ‘rude’ categories! I hate talking on the phone. But for a chat over gtalk….a looong e-mail…en even longer handwritten mail…texting…I’m game for ALL that. But phone calls: i hate them. Have no clue why. Guess its the after effect of “too much talking over the phone during courtship”. Aaaaarrrgh!

    1. I might have written something on similar lines! Though I must say this stems from a series of events by people I have been interacting with. It is not about just answering phone calls. It is just response I am talking about here. Well, I would be glad to get a mail or a ping on some messenger as long as there is some communication! It need not be the phone call…
      And, come on!! I am sure you cherish those long courtship phonecalls 😉

  2. Don’t know about everybody. Speaking of me, I can close off the whole world when I want to deal with something. But then I am not a very social person.

    I also don’t know that is the case with people you are trying to reach out.

    Apar, on a different note- wishing you, A and your parents Happy Tamil New year! God bless you!

  3. Nice post… Have made use of all.. but worse situation is when ppl invite to their weddings just sending an email without even bothering to ring up and invite personally… other worse thing is that no one actually needs to update their close friend cirle since the photos n day-to-day activity is already shared!

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