True stories…

It has been one long, lonely Sunday. I ended up watching a movie that I like – Something the Lord Made. It is based on a true story. Then the television was free…I could flip through channels and ended up at Sony Pix watching 13 Going on 30 – another movie I have enjoyed from time to time.

I am not a person who is moved to tears by an emotional movie/scene or whatever. I have been known to laugh at good jokes in a movie. I realise that I prefer movies based on true stories. They do not let us go on fantasy trips. They do not make you think life is all rosy & nice. They show reality. A positive true story does make you wonder if that can happen to you, make you feel something is possible etc..,Β Of course I would watch those chick flicks, comedies, fantasy films etc.., but I will try not to get carried away!!

Oops that is what I am doing now… Back to Something the Lord Made. It is about a black person who struggled despite his talent & intelligence. It took him ages to get recognition. He lived through racial discrimination, poverty and big dreams. Quite inspirational.

Alright, now I don’t know the point of this post! Just penned down some thoughts. The loneliness, the void that I looking at in life, a stupid romantic movie & a true story is what drove me to do this! Wonder where life is going – not a clue with no strength to go on! Disappointment, desperation rule.

4 thoughts on “True stories…

  1. You should join swimming classes πŸ˜€ And let your disappointment and desperation drown in there, leaving you happy, elated and cleansed πŸ™‚

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