I tweeted that I was taking steps for ending something I started 9.5 years ago. Will explain in detail when things are through -when they are over and done with. Fingers crossed that they go well.

Yes, I am still alive much to the chagrin of quite a few people I suppose 🙂 I have learned how some people can never change, whatever the number of chances one is given! Some things never change… eg., I am unlucky as ever :), Customer Service in India sucks big time 😉

This is a very random post! What would your reaction be if someone called you out of the blue… a complete stranger and says I have to get money from 5 people with your name & initial to get my daughter married – “Mangalya pitchai” or begging for a donation towards the wedding. Such a call came to my dad. The guy who is 78 years old asked my father saying I have to get 2000 INR from 5 people with RR as name. I got your number from the white pages! Gives his account number! My father actually went, found he has 507 INR in his account and transferred 2000! I mean call me a sceptic but this seems to be a nice way to con people. Feed on their superstitions/beliefs and milk them for some money too! For all you know, the case might be genuine, still as I said I cannot get over the fact that money was needed!

Anyways, I don’t know why I wrote this post up! Just wanted to get it out of my system I suppose. I don’t feel relieved. I am not really at peace. I told Aaarti that it feels like I am like Cam Diaz in The Holiday – I don’t feel like crying really but want to let it out too. Just wish everything was over and done with! I have nothing to move on to, but I am just hoping for some closure!


18 thoughts on “Update(s)

    1. I suppose I have had more than enough! Or may be I have also come to the point where I cannot cry like her! 🙂

    1. well Ranjani I have been telling that to myself for ages and ages! It will pass! Soon this will become like the phrase “Aal ees Vell!” 🙂

  1. apar, it has been a long ordeal for you and i cannot wait to see a positive finish to this ordeal- you know what i mean by positive…… its about time you get to live your life, on your terms and be truly happy for once….

    1. Don’t know about positive finish but finish it will be! Been missing seeing you online. Hope to catch up sometime soon!

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