In a lighter vein :)

Got this forward from a friend. I don’t know the original source – Liked it and thought of sharing 🙂

Guy-Girl thinking colours


6 thoughts on “In a lighter vein :)

  1. Hehe…good one.This is like the guy and girl getting ready for work…
    and the His and Her Diaries…where “She” lists a million reasons why “He” may be upset, and He lists “India lost today’s match” 😀

  2. random: my favourite shade is what they termed it as ‘sea foam’ in that image. i thought turquoise has a greenish tinge to its shade of blue? the one above doesn’t look like so.

  3. Loved this BLOG because it describes how differently males/females view their world in the area of COLOUR!!!!! No wonder girls take longer to choose an article of clothing!!!!! It’s all in the SHADING!!!!!

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