Do not miss this! :)

Toy Story 3

I wanted to go to this movie on 25th June when this was released here. Had told Aaarti who also wanted to go. Well, did not get tickets. We finally went today 🙂 Aaarti, lil A and I prompt at the theatre before the movie started so that we did not miss the Pixar short.

What can I say? I have not enjoyed a movie like I did this evening! All 3 of us were laughing, commenting. In fact was telling Aaarti wondering if I was too loud. Have not laughed out aloud like that in a long long time! The movie is super cute! For a fan of animated movies, especially the Pixar ones, I knew this would not disappoint me. It did not! It was amazing!! Starting from the short – Day & Night.

The short was also thought provoking. How we are afraid of something new, unknown, fear of the different and to how we must look at things, take that plunge – Trying that now along with trying to live life one day at a time 🙂

The actual movie if I start using adjectives it would all be superlative. What fun it was! Weird thing was the show…the theatre just stopped the movie and gave a break! Got so irritated about that break! Why in whatsoever’s name did we need a break in that movie!?!? Otherwise, this was such a treat for all 3 of us. Each doll has made an impact – apart from the old characters – the villainous Lots-o, big baby, chunk, chatter telephone, peas in a pod, dolly, bookworm, stretch…the list goes on. I am now sure that A would not let me donate/trash his toys! :). He has watched the first 2 parts of this movie and knows every character. He did bully me into getting him Buzz Lightyear in the last visit to the toy shop. He also has a long list of toys to be added (Wonder where I am going spoiling my son like this… or may be I am spoiling myself collecting all this in his name 😉 )

Watch this. Would give the highest rating (don’t care if I am biased to Pixar animations – this movie is worth it. It lives up to expectations & more) I did not talk too much about the story as I do not want this to be the spoiler type posts 🙂

I guess the smileys on this one shows that I still have a grin on my face thinking of the wonderful evening!

3 thoughts on “Do not miss this! :)

  1. Wow. That was a fun post. The fun you had was infectious, through this one 😉

    Animated movies can always do that to us, right? I watched Kungfu Panda the other day on TV, and loved it sooooo much. In fact, I regretted not having been able to watch it in a theatre 😀

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