How tough!

A friend of mine suggested the Gibberish & let-go technique by Osho to help me relieve my stress. Read more about it here.

I found it so tough! To talk gibberish, to say anything that does not really make any sense. I know there are times when some of my friends think that I make no sense even when I am talking something that is recognisable 😉 Just as I sat here contemplating how I can overcome this and really give this a try (anything to feel relaxed!!! ), little A (well supposedly not so little now it seems! 🙂 ) sat next to me. He was in one of those chatty moods. I was sitting here reading up on stuff…guess what the little fella did?!  He just started talking…. gibberish. None of the words made any sense, just sounds coming out! After a while, he picks a book and starts reading that.

I wonder if it is just part of  growing up, wherein we lose our innocence? We lose our ability to utter nothing but gibberish even if it is for a few minutes. What am I afraid of? Am I afraid of sounding stupid to myself?!  Am I afraid of anything at all even?! Is it my being a skeptic thinking of whether just gibberish would take away the craziness stored in my mind!?

Just a few more questions added which have to be flushed out soon! May I master this technique at least! Something to make things work s’il vous plait!!! 😀


8 thoughts on “How tough!

  1. There are times when am in a crazy mood or pissed off that i open a notepad and type gibberish… keep typing and then delete it and it does help….

    Or if i get lucky, will find this one friend online, and we just go at it, absolute rubbish… random words, totally inconnected… sometimes they will be rhyming words, sometimes just nothings… its fun!! no thinking… no nothing during then!!

  2. Hi

    At the first instance thank you so much for trying to learn/ explore this technique to check if it helps you – IT WILL WORK AND IT HAS TO WORK.. just as any rule of physics.

    In short, Osho’s all meditation techniques practised in his ashram in Pune are majorly to cleanse/ unburden the unconscious with all it’s dumped emotions/ energies. Once the garbaged vessel becomes clean/ unburdened, then naturally the vessel got to glitter in it’s own quality…in other words, then blooms the flower that should have bloomed in every human spirit.

    I wanted to discuss with you on a few points on your note specifically and flows my ‘headtrip’ on this topic …

    ‘Little Fella’ – I see what had happened like this, you wanted to know and immediately there was someone coming around you to make you understand how to go with the technique or what the technique is basically about. Second thing on this…, he is letting his own hearts’ rhythm to flow through him without any hinderance as he has still not moved completely into the conditioning or the conditioned society.

    What bothers you or anybody when one want to experiment it?…. A thought into our head that says…am I doing something mad? am I going insane? or something similar to this – “you” wanted to experiment and “your mind reminds” giving reasons or is it simply saying that…. you are getting out of it’s control?

    I would want to quote a very famous zen story here….

    A master in a buddhist monastery once went to his students – the monks – with a puzzle…”A goose when so small was put into a bottle. So that the goose remains safe until he grows. After some days, the goose had grown and was not able to come out of the bottle. Bottle is so precious and cannot be broken and the goose should also be freed out of the bottle for it’s life/ living experience”. He asked the students on how to sort this problem. After a long pause amongst the students, one in them, jumped out and shouted “the goose is out” and danced before the master and the master smiled at him and said “yes – you are right!”

    An absolute senseless story. is it not? No solutions to the actual puzzle. But the story actually has extreme meanings knit into it. In fact it will give a glimpse of spiritual freedom.

    Alright…interpreting goose and bottle in the story…..bottle is our own mind and the goose..none other than us.

    Can mind be basically defined as an ability in the humans…that is able to primarily remind us the ‘conditions’ that we have created upon our a baby boy shouting so loudly without any need…’conditioning’ will be like ‘not to do it as this is senseless’…next time when the boy wants to do it…his own mind reminds…that he shouldn’t or he will be beaten if he does this….or will also inform him that he will be praised for saying a rhyme without any error and will get a chocolate….Is it a safe bottle for the soul?…CORRECT ME IF YOU THINK I AM WRONG ABOUT THE UNDERSTANDING OF THE MIND.

    By the way, I am getting some questions around this inner core knit in the story…

    If mind is a device that is able to remind….and if this is something created by us to help us when we are too young…have we now become slaves to our own mind and fears a lot to go a little out it…getting a little crazy….or is this fear also is caused by our own mind…so that we will continue to be the slaves of it….We….depending on the mind for all that we do…are we different from our own mind? or are we also part of it?….

    Okay….what did flash in the mind(?) or the heart or the soul of the monk who said “the goose is out” and danced (he danced getting out of his way as a monk…)and was so happy and ran out of the monastery. Why was such a disobedient behaviour recorded as the right understanding by his master? Did the monk just understood the story or had catched the glimpse in his being and felt his own self beyond that? and laughed at all the madness – the worries/ sorrows/ etc that he was carrying until then?

    I GUESS I HAVE PROVIDED MORE FOOD FOR YOUR HEADTRIP NOW…..but not sure whether this will interest you.

    See you!

    Warm regards


  3. I think its also called Free Association writing. Hollywood’s used it before in Sixth Sense, remember that one? Aaand, the folks at Klueless have used and abused Gibberish and Pig Latin.

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