A’s wisdom

We were driving on a hot day (well all days are hot here in Chennai!!). My friend was driving with A sitting behind in the car. A was reading all the sign boards found on the road – on the sides, above and everywhere he could read something! (Should may be carry books in the car?! 🙂 )  One of the signs he reads

Don’t drink & drive.

My driver friend feeling thirsty at that point of time, took a swig from the bottle of water in the car! 🙂 It is now quite anyone’s guess about what followed! LOL! A goes…hey don’t drink and drive. It says so everywhere, that is the rule.

Now…do I explain about what is meant by drinking or do I laugh my head off!? Of course I did the latter. My friend went on saying hey..explain to him as he is not willing to listen to me! 🙂 Fun time! 😀

So, had to tell him he is right, but there is a tweak to what the sign meant. He did not get what alcohol was or the effects. I had to induce that wisdom which made me think…how much do we say? What do we say? I guess now I must dread the birds & bees talk!! Or am I hitting the panic button a bit too early?!

I digress (as usual!). It was a fun day, had a good laugh thanks to A’s wisdom. I would definitely follow it, and urge everyone else to do so too!!

Don’t drink & drive. It causes accidents.

Stop, take a swig and go on 😉 Just kidding! On a serious note, personally knowing people who lost loved ones due to drunk driving, we must vow to do everything to stop that!


8 thoughts on “A’s wisdom

    1. I completely agree with you, though I wouldn’t classify any of these rule breakers as “more obvious danger”. They’re all equally dangerous! 😦

      1. I guess it will be a shorter list to those who are not dangerous on the road!! Actually just one line I suppose – those who don’t use it!! 🙂 Pathetic but true…

  1. ROFL! That’s hilarious!

    but its great that he read the signboard and wen he saw your friend “drink”, he felt it was against the rules!! I think THAT is the real wisdom!!!!!!!!!!
    Way to go, A !!

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