Should I be worried?

I was composing a mail on GMail. Yeah had “is attached” in the message. On clicking the send button…got this pop up!! I did send the mail but got me thinking… Hey are my mails being censored in some way?! Analysed, read?! This certainly piqued the paranoia in me!!

What would go through your minds if you got such a message? Just curious!?



11 thoughts on “Should I be worried?

  1. I got this msg too once — and I thought it was FABULOUS! I felt Google was becoming more and more intelligent!

    And if this makes you doubtful, what do you make of the many SMS-es you send? And the phone calls you make? 😉 😀 😀

    1. Ooh! At least with texting and phones, I don’t get pop-up messages to freak me out! 😀 Not that I have anything clandestine that I send anywhere to anyone 😉

  2. That is slightly scary but also helpful. I have seen this before somewhere too – maybe also in Gmail. It must be an automatic response built into the interface.

    Google don’t read personal emails but match content of emails so that you get relevant ads around them.

  3. I have gotten that message too. It does help, because I have occasionally (ok, frequently lol) sent messages without attachments when I’d intended the attachment. What bothers me though, is when I get targeted ads based on words in my emails. They SAY only a computer reads them, but…. eeek! 🙂

  4. y freak out??? i’ve seen this and been happy that Gmail is this advance and uber cool that it tells me i’ve forgotten to attach 🙂 such a saviour!

  5. this is way too cool. Soon autobots will be doing my job and I’ll have all day to read the books I love

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