Third consecutive post?!!…

Yeah this is the third consecutive post on technology!! Of course just my random thoughts on whatever!!

Listening to the radio while driving, one can’t avoid listening to the ads too. One goes with the voiceover of a child narrating to her dad that she did not have teachers for 3 periods in class. The dad is bewildered and the child replies they used a particular brand of computing services. Indications of how teachers were not required in classrooms and computing solutions are enough for the kids to learn!!!!! The kid asks whether they can get the same system at home to which the dad responds he would get it if the kid did well at school!

I am not suggesting that we go back to good old days wherein we used no technology. I understand most schools now use smart boards (A’s schools so far have!) but even the mere thought of doing away of teachers??!! I know it is an ad but it just hit a nerve! We are becoming so mechanical, technology dependent that sometimes I guess we forget about relationships, people. We start taking that for granted. Yes, I have got friends thanks to this medium but would I be friends with a bot?! No way! So why would I subject my kid to a no teacher classroom or why would anyone think of doing that?

I guess I have rambled enough. Point is, I think I like my no technology downtimes these days & appreciate what life has to offer! I am learning not to be glued to this machine, not thinking of doing away with it; but just trying to hit the balance! I hope that A does grow in a society where technology is embraced without giving up basic human interactions.


4 thoughts on “Third consecutive post?!!…

  1. You are right Apar! I also cannot imagine kids reading from a smart device however super cool it may be… Also forget about the learning, what about the fun we used to share with our friends commenting on teachers and their teaching methods! 🙂 Would the kids these days make fun of the smart devices then and prefer one over the other???

    1. Totally Priya! They will miss out on the fun, & miss out on good teachers who make an impact in our lives rather than just the subject they deal with! Guess that number is dwindling hence more the reliance on technology… brings up a lot of questions – with teaching also not being a preferred profession or having those who just don’t care enough!

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