My woes with a service provider

I write here after so many months only to rant! Sorry …but I have had it till here (wherever that is 🙂 ) with a certain network that says one needs every kind of friend. Seriously to deal with them, one does need every friend!!!

I must say I have been battling with a few issues for quite some time now…say almost since I stopped posting here. Currently have 2 issues running.

Let me start with the older one. I have my broadband service from this network. Till sometime now, I have been living in the city :Chennai. Suddenly the network decides that I live in Kanchipuram. According to them, my pin code(zip) falls into Kanchipuram. Been hitting my head against brick walls saying the city is Chennai, may be the district is Kanchipuram. I guess all this struggle started around September?! Anyways, long story cut short – I have been getting etiquette lessons about how I must speak even if I  am the frustrated paying customer who gets no resolution to the issue (though after every phone call, get a text message saying issue resolved!!!)

Point to note: One phone call I received enquiring about this from the network. The guy asks me to explain everything!! I asked if they every maintained any logs of calls!!! Frustration mounts if you have to explain each time about the issue & the history! I asked him sarcastically if Kanchipuram was Chennai. He goes I don’t know I am from Gurgaon. Told him don’t care if he were from Timbuctoo but I needed the correction done on my bill (which can be produced as proof of address for any official purpose). He does not even bother to cover up he tells his colleague in Hindi that I speak too much! I responded back in Hindi saying anyone would if they went through what I do to get my address right! He continues to his colleague “yeh madrasi hindi janti hai!”. Limits! And these people teach us phone etiquette!!!!

After calling, mailing, tweeting; I have given up. So according to my broadband provider the city on my address should read “Kanchipuram” –  a  town I probably have visited twice in my lifetime so far!!

My second issue. I got a gift of an iPhone4S (yay!!). Well not so fast to celebrate. To use it, I need a microSIM card. I call the relationship manager of the network that I deal with at work and ask him. He said he would get it to me that day… which went on for more than a week. I gave up, went to a private mobile store; got my old (one I used since 2008) SIM card laser cut. I call the network to make changes to start using 3G.

10 December: I get a call congratulating me on my phone. Tell me about plans for my usage. Then when I said the network drops, am told the issue is with the card and I would receive a brand new one by Tuesday that week. She would also call me on Wednesday to follow up and find out if it worked fine?!

14 December: Evening after waiting, not receiving card nor call, I call them. They say they tried to reach me and I was unreachable. They tried once. I had given them an alternate mobile number which also uses the same network!!

15/16 December: They call me once each day while I was entering a meeting or was in one. I tell them a time to call, I never get the call.

Fast-forward to 20th: Still no microSIM from the network. I call. They had closed the previous call and start a new one.

No calls from them… 21st I try cust care from my iPhone. I cannot reach them at all.I use my other mobile, tell them this…they assure me I will get a call back in 15 minutes around 4:20 PM.

22 December: 10:30AM no calls. I call using my other line, to be assured I will get a call back in a few minutes (I must have asked what their few minutes was specifically!) Around 4- 4:30Pm, lo behold I can call from my iPhone4S. I ask what happened. There are no records of calls made on 21st & 22nd!! The whole process of issue/history starts! I lost it. Told them I have lost hope that I would ever receive a microSIM from them, not now, not in this century or even next!

Supposedly I was told that my network drops because of faulty old SIM card but I cannot get it replaced. So, do I suffer with the faulty network stuck with “amazing” customer service (btw, I am told by the mechanical voice when I call customer service that I am welcome to their Platinum service!!!).

I am sure that they would have “resolved” the issue according to them. I am stuck with lousy network services which will be blamed on my SIM card making me wonder why I ever got a phone like this (which by the way is a pleasure to use!!)

In conversation with a friend, we were saying may be we must stop paying our bills and then may be they will call us!?!?! If we as prompt paying customers get this service, GOK what others are provided with?!?!

I must say one thing these people have made me do is get back to writing on the blog! Wish it were on a happier note and not such a rant!

9 thoughts on “My woes with a service provider

  1. 1) Get on Sunil Mittal’s twitter feed and complain. It works.
    2) The Kanchipuram issue is with my broadband connection too. I have told them that the Chennai Corporation limits have been extended and we are now part of it. Their software needs to be updated to account for that. But that is fine since the bill is not accepted as address proof as it is a private telecom operator. At least we still get the Chennai city billing plans and not the mofussil ones.
    3) It is better to get a brand new microSIM rather than laser cutting the old one
    4) Tell them that you might shift to Aircel if service does not improve.
    5) You got the iPhone as a gift???

    1. Anand! You do read my blog then 🙂 I have complained at Airtel_Presence. The whole problem is about getting the new microSIM!! I have threatened to move off airtel! & yes…it will be paid for by someone both of us know. He asked me to get it for myself!!!

  2. Of course I read your blog. How else do I know whats going on with you? Is the iPhone a Christmas gift or a Pongal one?

    1. Hmm… well I guess it a late birthday & very early Christmas one?! Well…as I said since someone else has paid for it, it becomes a gift for want of a better word?!

  3. I know most of the issues you talk about… Ive experienced em maself, everyday airtel used to call we wen i was at work… i give em a time, nope dey call me wen am in da office grrr… customer service sucks 😦

    As for ur second issue… its ur fault entirely…. Apple = Evil, jump onto the Android bandwagon and the angels will take care of stuff for u 😀 lol

    Anyway, if ur frustrated with airtel use number portability and jump to vodafone, am sure u can pik up a microsim if ur jumping ship 🙂

  4. After years of struggling with BSNL’s “You need me.. I don’t need / give a **** about you” service, we thought Airtel would be a welcome boon…
    However, SSDP (Same S*** Different Provider). It takes ages to get a complaint fixed…
    On a happier note congrats on adding another Apple to your basket!

  5. thank god..err..thank me..i was abt to take airtel broadband..they messed up as usual..and i lost 1k advance.. anyway got BSNL and yeah they are worse but if i pay some 50-100 to the lineman he takes care of issues quicker..yes am abetting corruption but its better than paying twice the amount to a private player for the same kinda shitty service. 🙂 …

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