I think one of my mum’s favourite quotes is

Ours not to reason why, ours but to do and die. -Alfred Lord Tennyson

Off late, this question bugs me! Why? Why are you doing this? Why don’t you think this over? I have been snapping at those who throw this question at me for whatever reason from something as trivial as why did you change your hairstyle to why did you take this life altering decision? I can understand someone who is concerned asking such questions…but the same thing from those who we say just hello & bye to?!? Ridiculous! What bothers them? How does anything affect them? Nowadays I don’t want to answer that question even if it may remotely affect the person asking it!! Like my parents!

In the down period from the blog, I am now officially single (rather divorced in Indian terms..). Got my divorce decree. I am waiting to join a new job next week. Nervous & excited. Yes, trivial things like I have changed my iPhone & car too.I have reactivated my facebook since I left my previous job (to come out of hermithood like my friend Laksh said 😉 ) I have had to listen to the question “why” for all of those!! Seriously…I have asked the same question why for my divorce and never got any answers! Me aking that question I think is valid….and I ask it to myself or bug my close friends while trying to figure things out…

Anyways… lots of changes in the last few months. I certainly would like to thank those who drove me nuts who in turn I drove crazy! (think it is more me driving them crazy than the other way round!) Been through up & down emotions through this…so thanks to those patient wonderful friends of mine. May you remain as patient through our lives….just so you have to manage me!! 😀

I certainly don’t know what is in store. I don’t know what I will do or why I will do whatever… but as a colleague (rather ex-colleague) said…life moves on. Hope I get some of the patience that my friends have in enduring me so I can handle things better 🙂 BTW, A seems to have immense patience!! 🙂 Thank whoever!! (Don’t really believe in God or evil – this again is a statement by a very dear friend of mine about me! )

Well… I guess I will just do & die, not to be questioned/question why! 🙂


12 thoughts on “Why?

  1. Good one…just day before I tweeted this: “the uncontrollable urge of Indians to ask personal questions” and a friend of mine commented this…”for Indians, the life of others is always exciting” :)))))

    1. No wonder a friend of mine says I am not Indian enough! Don’t ask questions I suppose 😉 Though it is true!! Sit on a bus, co-passenger asks a whole load of questions that if you end up answering all, you would have given your life history out!!

      1. Hahahahaha…yes..even in social functions..nosey relatives have if i may use the word ‘orgasm’, asking questions 😀

            1. Endima eppidi irukke? Then follows the barrage of questions!! 🙂 Keep away from all such functions and turn to hermithood 😉

  2. Sorry for the pain you would have gone through with your divorce. Best of luck with the new chapter in your life.

  3. Why did you cut your nail? Why do you eat brown rice? How come you use toilet paper with butterflies on it? Why did you buy that without asking me?Why are you not pregnant yet?
    why? Why? WHy? WHY? Oh mother of God!
    I know what you mean… People need to know their limits. I’m especially appalled by the ones who seem to ask a gazillion questions but just disappear when you do the same. They would like to butt into your problems like some saviour just to know some gossip and use it against you.
    Unfortunately this pandemic has no antidote. Just got to bite the bullet.
    You’re a strong lady… enjoy the changes. You deserve to be happy 🙂

    1. Hey Archie!! Thanks! & so true…ask them questions if at all…no response or evasive or as you said disappear!!

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