Driving in the Rain

This is a post I wrote in my office blog on September 11, 2013. Reposting it here….Thinking there will be some reposts happening every time I write something there πŸ˜‰

Having been up almost all night listening to the rains lashing, thunder roaring & watching the flashes of lightening; I was dreading that I was in for a really bad drive to work. As expected, the schools were declared closed. Less traffic on the road came to mind. Knowing Chennai, I expected the roads to be water-logged, people driving badly – honking & yelling!

Drove out of my street, so far so good…no hold-ups. Smooth flowing. Listening to the radio where traffic updates were being given, was thinking “Hey! good thing am not on those roads where people had been stuck for an hour or more…I am moving!”. At the back of my mind I kept telling myself, that I am saying it too soon. Usually clogged up roads were ahead.

FYI, I drive on one of the arterial roads which leads to a highway-bypass, about 30 kms one way to work. I pass through quite a few bottle-necks which test one’s patience & driving skills!!

As I kept going forward, I noticed the traffic was well-behaved. In fact I was thinking if something was wrong as I didn’t hear much honking!! Am I sleep-driving? Dreaming? People were signalling, giving each other way! In general, I noticed the drivers/riders were obeying rules!!! Of course there are always exceptions, but there were way too few of these today!

I reached work and took less than the usual hour I take. There are times (on clear sunny days which are the norm here) where I have been stuck & taken close to two hours! What was different today?! I expected it to be the worst case scenario. Roads being flooded and they were in most places. There are more potholes than roads. People were cautious. They were more patient?! I didn’t see as much road rage as there usually nor people cutting in, driving like they owned the roads.

This really got me ruminating. Same road, I believe same people (most were heading to work & they take the same road everyday?!? Logical?! πŸ™‚ ), bad weather & road conditions. Yet, traffic flowed, the traffic cops (bless them! standing in the rain) managed fine at one of the busiest signals. I have decided it was my expecting the worst. So, even a slight improvement made me look at things in a positive light. Also, having expected the worst, I had decided not to lose my patience which I believe helped. I was also quite prepared -mentally & had checked the car (wipers/lights).

The preparation, other people co-operating (don’t think they knew they were πŸ˜‰ ) and some wonderful weather with music in the background certainly made it a pleasant drive overcoming the waterlogged roads with potholes (some say potholes with roads in between).

Has left me wishing there were more such days!!

PS: I really do love the rains!

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