Where do I begin? The last few months  have passed by like the scenery while travelling in a bullet train ( hope someday I do literally do that & not just perceive how it would feel in life 🙂 ).

From wondering whether I am going to move to another city to whether I want to even continue at my job…ended up taking a new role in a brand new project. Learning gives me a high. So yes, riding that big time. A true Libra that I am also riding a low where I wonder what next?, is this right? ( the whole gamut).

Otherwise, life has been mundane. Home to work and back. That is it. Guess the drama happening at work was making up for everything albeit it was one I wish I could have avoided. The one solace is seeing A grow. He is one wonderful child. Counting blessings – he is my biggest :). Hope I don’t mess things up for him like I have messed my life – my constant fear. Though something tells me he will turn out alright!!

I reblogged for my last two posts. A good friend of mine, an inspiring person has penned those. Hope to someday travel and see those sights. Hoysala being not so far away must be doable :).

Anyways, adventure continues on this roller coaster. Dizzying and wishing I could soon just go at a nice pace enjoying life instead of dread it. Sometimes wonder if may be I had a quiet life and would find that boring after all this!! 🙂

One more post where my thoughts are all over the place just as my life is.