Do not miss this! :)

Toy Story 3

I wanted to go to this movie on 25th June when this was released here. Had told Aaarti who also wanted to go. Well, did not get tickets. We finally went today 🙂 Aaarti, lil A and I prompt at the theatre before the movie started so that we did not miss the Pixar short.

What can I say? I have not enjoyed a movie like I did this evening! All 3 of us were laughing, commenting. In fact was telling Aaarti wondering if I was too loud. Have not laughed out aloud like that in a long long time! The movie is super cute! For a fan of animated movies, especially the Pixar ones, I knew this would not disappoint me. It did not! It was amazing!! Starting from the short – Day & Night.

The short was also thought provoking. How we are afraid of something new, unknown, fear of the different and to how we must look at things, take that plunge – Trying that now along with trying to live life one day at a time 🙂

The actual movie if I start using adjectives it would all be superlative. What fun it was! Weird thing was the show…the theatre just stopped the movie and gave a break! Got so irritated about that break! Why in whatsoever’s name did we need a break in that movie!?!? Otherwise, this was such a treat for all 3 of us. Each doll has made an impact – apart from the old characters – the villainous Lots-o, big baby, chunk, chatter telephone, peas in a pod, dolly, bookworm, stretch…the list goes on. I am now sure that A would not let me donate/trash his toys! :). He has watched the first 2 parts of this movie and knows every character. He did bully me into getting him Buzz Lightyear in the last visit to the toy shop. He also has a long list of toys to be added (Wonder where I am going spoiling my son like this… or may be I am spoiling myself collecting all this in his name 😉 )

Watch this. Would give the highest rating (don’t care if I am biased to Pixar animations – this movie is worth it. It lives up to expectations & more) I did not talk too much about the story as I do not want this to be the spoiler type posts 🙂

I guess the smileys on this one shows that I still have a grin on my face thinking of the wonderful evening!


True stories…

It has been one long, lonely Sunday. I ended up watching a movie that I like – Something the Lord Made. It is based on a true story. Then the television was free…I could flip through channels and ended up at Sony Pix watching 13 Going on 30 – another movie I have enjoyed from time to time.

I am not a person who is moved to tears by an emotional movie/scene or whatever. I have been known to laugh at good jokes in a movie. I realise that I prefer movies based on true stories. They do not let us go on fantasy trips. They do not make you think life is all rosy & nice. They show reality. A positive true story does make you wonder if that can happen to you, make you feel something is possible etc.., Of course I would watch those chick flicks, comedies, fantasy films etc.., but I will try not to get carried away!!

Oops that is what I am doing now… Back to Something the Lord Made. It is about a black person who struggled despite his talent & intelligence. It took him ages to get recognition. He lived through racial discrimination, poverty and big dreams. Quite inspirational.

Alright, now I don’t know the point of this post! Just penned down some thoughts. The loneliness, the void that I looking at in life, a stupid romantic movie & a true story is what drove me to do this! Wonder where life is going – not a clue with no strength to go on! Disappointment, desperation rule.

Julie & Julia

I watched the movie Julie & Julia over 2 days!! So, here goes my attempt at a movie review my ishtyle  ;). The movie was good. The acting was too – well with an actor like Meryl Streep what else can one expect? I liked the way the movie went back and forth between Julia Childs &  Julie.

The movie appealed to me as it involved quite a few things that I like – cooking, blogging. Isn’t it amazing that then and now, women are faced with hmph…what is there to do?! Julie (Amy Adams) has a full time job, takes care of her home, yet she had to set a target and keep it to realise that her life is not really wasted. Julia in her days had to fight to even enter Le Cordon Bleu. Hasn’t time changed anything at all? We still find ourselves wondering what is there to do? What would make us feel worthwhile – Is there something else? If one is a home maker, it is not enough. If one is working, she does not take good care of her home. Nothing is ever alright or fine! We have to go more than the extra mile to satisfy oneself. In retrospect, is it us we satisfy or people around us?! The expectations that we set up for ourselves – aren’t they ruled by what is expected of us by others sometimes?!

Back to the movie 😉 (spoiler alert)  I felt it captured the emotions of blogging pretty well – wondering who is out there reading, happiness to get a comment, or being ranked high! Emotions of a woman – well, Meryl Streep was just too good. The way she portrayed her happiness for her sister having a baby yet, the pain of her own being childless. I must say that watching the movie almost makes me wonder how a poached egg tastes 🙂 The blown attempts at trying out a recipe to the jubilation of getting it right. The adoration of a fan. The love for cooking. The boredom of a job. The not having a place to call home. Everything was covered well. The fight between Julie & her husband and how she related that to not being a good wife – and how she thought that Julia would be different and not fight. The love & support between the couples. The competition among friends…even McCarthy politics.

Over all –  a good watch.

A destination I seek

I  don’t know where my life is headed. I watched the movie Jab we met to change my mood. Guess what? It did not change it much. I felt horrible watching a sappy love story. More so what hit me was how many times I wanted to live a life with gay abandon. Take off somewhere, no destination in mind. Lead life as it comes.

Doing it now…just that it is not as gay as I wanted it to be. I am plagued with doubts for myself and my son. I do not want this. I want to know where I am going. I don’t want to feel like I am right now. I am tired of the surprises (shocks rather) that life has been throwing at me. I really cannot stand it any longer.

I hate myself now more than ever. Activities I used to enjoy now just make me feel worse. I want to quit; funny thing is, I do not know what I am quitting even if I do. I guess I want to quit existing. I do not want immense happiness but I do not want to feel the way I have been. I used to cry a lot – to the extent there were friends saying don’t cry in front of A. I used to get irritated and say let him know the pain I am going through. Now I try to restrain those tears. Off late, I just softly cry myself to sleep. I don’t even understand why I am crying!?! I did not feel like celebrating deepavali but also did not want to make it bad for A; so made the mandatory things for him. Saw the joy & excitement in his eyes. Morbid thought – I was like, damn this happiness for him is short lived. He will be facing so much trouble.

I really don’t want to wait any more. Wait for what? I don’t know. What can I do? I am tired of the mails I send to P to finish what he started. He is “busy” it seems. I am tired of waiting for at least a call for an interview so that I can crib about how I failed in it 😉 I am waiting to have a place to call home, to live there with loved ones. I guess the last one is something that probably will never happen. I just don’t want to wait! 😦

Big Fish

Yes, this is an entry based on the movie. Big Fish was a movie I loved when I saw it the first time. Went on to get the DVD of it too (don’t have it with me like so many of my other things – thanks to someone who would no longer be in our lives by his choice)

I am mentioning this and the person as I am watching the movie on TV now. The movie is about the father- son relationship. I am keying this in with a lump in my throat that my son would not have this or anything close to it as he would not have this person around. I am wondering how I would explain his absence when A starts questioning me. I wonder if I can be both the mother and the father  as he grows up.

People say God gives only what one can handle; this still does not stop me from self- doubt. I want to give the best to A like any other parent would want to for the kid. I just hope I succeed and never let A feel like he missed something or someone ever!

I had never cried in movies….today though after watching Big Fish; I had tears in my eyes. May be I have changed?!?  I still like the movie though.