Selfless or …?

First post of the year 2016!

A question to all the parents (especially mothers out there…) Have you at some point of time even for a minute thought…sigh wish I didn’t have that child of mine? Confession: I have…many times over!

I have wondered how life would be without A. I have wondered if he would be better off without me in his life. I wonder how life would be once he goes off to pursue his own in a few years. Wondering how it would be if he were living in a home which is perceived as normal by society…so on… All this sometimes just during reflection and most times during despair/exasperation (sometimes forced upon …).

So, does just thinking such things make one a bad mother? Does voicing this out to a friend amount to him being a burden on me? Suddenly, all the efforts I put into him being happy/healthy (the best I can at least given my circumstances) fizzles out! “Why don’t you send him back to his dad if you think he is so much of a burden?!” . Wow!! Really?

I stumbled on this post on the Onion :  Jessica Drexler mentions her kid is the second-most important thing in her life. Intrigued I read further and she ends saying “It’s mostly about you”.

That sort of thought would not be welcome here…. Mothers should be selfless, sacrificing! What is this talk about “me”?!?  It should always be kid first (or so I am given to understand….else the kid is a burden!)

Lesson learnt! Either put kids first or just don’t voice any idea otherwise 😀

This is a world of only façades….you must not display anything out of the norm. Everyone is and should be the ideal perceived person 🙂

In the wake of this revelation: I hereby declare….I am nothing without A. He is and always be my life, my breath and my all. I am a nobody and he is my be all & end all 🙂 There is nothing called self-love once you have a kid!



I am in Chennai and I am safe!! I say am blessed and so are we at home here. The area around our home was flooded but not our street alone!
My Experience:
December  1: By chance, I drove to work instead of taking the shuttle. Two of my friends came with me. The downpour had already started. A few of the places on the way were water logged. I had to take a particular road to get on to the highway, wherein I felt like I was steering a ship. Worried about the water around. Little did we know this was nothing! Reached office safe. After a few hours, many leads asked people to leave if they could. I ask mine & his response classic! (Did you ask the onsite manager you interact with? –  who happens to be in Chicago!). We manage to leave and two other girls ask to be dropped off on the way. Two of the girls worked out of another building. They were prevented from going out and had to sign release letters saying they were leaving on their own risk! We finally started. I was worried about getting the girls home safely! As I got out of our office, the water was flowing on the road like a river with huge rocks being carried. They were hitting the bottom of the car. After slow driving, we did reach the highway. I did manage to drop the girls off safely. Had I reached even five minutes later, I would not have been able to take the road home as I pass through a low bridge over a rivulet that flooded that early on and was closed! Blessing!! Miracle!! By then, there was no power at home. The UPS was on. My neighbour asked my father to get some ration from the nearby grocers before they close up. We did along with some basic veggies. [The grocer sold almost a month’s sale on that one day! Veggies were being sold at a premium as expected] By the time dinner was prepared, the UPS ran out and we plunged into darkness. The mobiles lost network.
December 2: Rain poured. No clue what was happening in the world outside. It kept pouring! We managed through the day rationing use of water wondering when the rains would stop and when the power will be back on.
Following days:  News started trickling in about flooding in various areas. I was worried about what I would do once water levels rise and if it entered our home. How do I manage my mum who is bedridden? What about my old father and A? I had an emergency bag with basic documents packed and ready. Was planning on how I will either take my mum upstairs or how I can get a boat if it comes to that…

Still no power, landline also got severed. So totally cut off now. Our street was still dry. We went back to stone age. Thanked the building contractor who insisted we have a well in the house. We drew water from it with a pulley. The water was soft & clear. So, we could boil and use it for drinking! Our neighbours also used the well thanking us! No mixer grinder, meaning we used the roller stone for grinding. Yeah the taste was better! :). Sweeping and mopping – no vacuum cleaner. Candle light & oil lamps lit our homes. We woke up early to get things done, went to bed early without needing to catch a program on TV or that last minute social media update. Dug out the old transistor radio and found that there were helplines being set up. The way people were being rescued. Neighbours told us about how badly nearby areas were affected. Milk being sold at exorbitant prices (Blessing again that our neighbour was a milkman and was still supplying the fresh cows milk as usual). We finally got to see and interact with each other on the street. Honestly, felt good to be away from technology (yeah people around were worried…still…back to old age was good)
Rains stopped for a while. I was standing out with my father & A talking to some people! I find a schoolmate riding on his scooter. He came all the way to check if we were alright at home as we could not be reached! Another friend came the next day when it was raining!!! Here I was thinking if I disappeared, no one would bat an eyelid! Hit me as to how grossly wrong I was!!!
Saturday early morning: power was restored.  Only my mobile came back to life (patchy though). Managed to send word that we are safe! Astounded by the number of people who were trying to find out if we were fine especially being in a badly affected area. Blessed is an understatement!!

December 6, Sunday: A turned 11. Low key! All his friends had left Chennai as their homes have been affected badly. One of his best friends sends a birthday message and calls in saying he is in Bangalore. A is thrilled to see the messages. It took a while for me to respond to all the queries of if I am alive! 🙂 . Realisation of how much we depend on the phones was sinking in (also how we did manage without them too!).

Slowly realised life was back to normal. By Tuesday Dec 8th, I was on my way to work on the office shuttle. Relief work still going on high steam in horribly affected areas.

Life goes on…. (another realisation. Not just for me who was hardly hit but even those who lost their homes.)

The autowala I use in the morning said he lived on the second floor but his auto was submerged and there was about two feet water above his auto. It took him almost a week to get the auto started and repaired to make it ready to get his livelihood. My maid said the water had reached the roof of her home & they were evacuated to a relief camp in a school. Simple things…she said she was given a saree, no blouse/ in skirt. She asks how do I wear the saree? A’s school is badly damaged – the library, the offices, the dining spaces, accounts department – pretty much everything on the ground floor all under water. My friend’s homes have been affected. This flooding has spared very few! Regardless of how rich or poor…

It saw people just pouring in to help. Mood was not why? but what can I do? even if it is in a small way – what do I do? Those who themselves were affected jumped in to make sure the city is back on it’s feet. No fanfare, no hey am busy doing so much…. Those who could be on the ground were there, those who were away coordinated with the givers, those in need and those who went to supply. It seemed to work as a well oiled machine. In most places now, it looks like life is back to normal. Relief work has moved to rehabilitation – people talking about how we can help for longer (& self) sustenance. That said I was just amazed at how from my friends to the autowala first inquired about how I was, how things were at home.

Yes, all this was not without hitches. There were instances of how goods provided were being sold in the black market. Instances of relief being done only for the show & name ( well we take them in cos they still do something! 🙂 ). Politicians failing (no surprises there).

Lessons learnt. Though we as a city have risen, with loads of help from outside, it is clear that we lack disaster management (keeping apart whether it was natural or man-made). All are worried about how we are going to manage epidemics, the garbage being collected with all homes being cleaned out. What next? What do we do? How can we help – really help? Relief work happened haphazardly. The army came in with no clue where to go. Volunteers poured in and reports of the same area being helped came in. People donating stuff without much thought into where and how it is going. All good yet lacking thought. Instant gratification is what we all are looking at. Finding people not wanting to wait and see what more needs to be done, some not even realising that we should move on from relief, find out what the government is going to do further (if they are as they are supposed to) so we can pitch in where it is not or help where it is needed.

This calamity has brought people together and hoping that it stays that way. People were being patient on the roads, without the incessant honking. Though, now as a sign of normalcy, they are back on.

Irked by those who want us to keep wallowing in the disaster. We are moving on and getting to semblance of normalcy while doing what we can to help those in need (without selfies, photos splashed on social media and any other fan fare…..). This comes along with us wanting to get into the festive mood of Christmas which comes along with giving that we are doing. So shoot us those of us who now appreciate more of what we have and could have while you supposedly play the messiah!! [Of course I am going to rant about the few who have managed to push me off the edge while appreciating the scores of people quietly being awesome. One bad apple!!] –Rant!! Sorry!

I told my grandma that now I believe in miracles. I believe I must live my life to the fullest while I can. Don’t know how long this will last before I am pushed into depression by something/someone!

I am thankful I am there for A [ this is a totally different reason not related the flooding, may be will write a post & may be not!]. I will strive to make him feel as happy as I can.

PS: Didn’t realise I was going to write such a long post and I still have another in mind!!
PPS: This is entirely my experience. It is not harrowing just felt like the rains would never stop. The shockers were meeting and hearing stories of how they were affected. Proud of how they just are looking ahead and don’t know if they are spiritual when they say, those are just stuff – we are alive!

Inclusion & Diversity….say what?!

Another office blog post being re-blogged. Written this morning September 20, 2013

Are we really living in an inclusive society? Are we open to being inclusive? How many of us really accept diversity?

India prides in “unity in diversity”. One who reads that would just say “yeah right!!” looking at the news in the media (or the way politicians behave…let’s leave that aside though). The United States prides on being the melting pot. One would definitely wonder about this after reading about the racist tweets on a brown skin winning Ms.America. These are just two of the examples. Is Apartheid really over? Are we all really that open?

I caught the local radio show this morning while driving (yes, but this is not another post on driving 🙂 ). There was this differently abled person who heads an organisation here in Chennai speaking about what she thinks is inclusion. Definitely food for thought. She said simply that they need to be part of the normal society – not be treated special, they too have the same emotions like any body else. Jokingly added not all “special” people are goody two shoes & there are those who just are not. She said people have to be sensitive not cautious or condescending.

Talking of inclusion, I do distinctly remember a conversation among a few friends. Two among us were expecting our first child. I was yet to find out the sex of the baby while the other knew she was having a boy. The guys were talking about living in the current society. We were in the USA then. Their statement “We don’t care who my son brings home – white, brown, yellow, black…whatever but he must bring home a girl!”. I was left quite flabbergasted. These were supposedly educated people. I asked them what if he did bring home a guy? Would you ostracise him? Will you love him any less as your son? They did not answer. May be they just were afraid to face my wrath & the debate that would ensue if they said what they were actually thinking.

I honestly don’t know how I can change our society – to make it more open, truly inclusive. I do promise to not be prejudiced. I guess in this way I must say we must be inclusive of people who are closed in their thoughts too – right?! 🙂

This is one random flow of thoughts on the topic- well that is sometimes (ok most of the times) that my brain works.

Anyways, the morning talk show was to promote the Ability Fest organised by the Ability Foundation.


Those in Chennai can catch this film festival which screens movies next week (September 23-26) from around the world that depict the differently-abled in a sensitive manner. It includes movies like the French Intouchables, Tamil Haridas (with audio description for blind people), Iranian movies and more….

The foundation hopes to help increase sensitivity and make people understand true inclusion through such festivals.  I have been blessed to have met some of the Ability Clan. (They have their visiting cards with one side in Braille – said it is very simple & not expensive either….there is inclusion for you!). They do have workshops to see how well your office/home is diabled friendly (was surprised on how even the display board colouring can make a huge difference to people who are partially blind.)

Hope we can join together and truly build an inclusive society (not just for the differently abled/ LGBT but truly be cross-cultural…. sounds too utopian?! )

Driving in the Rain

This is a post I wrote in my office blog on September 11, 2013. Reposting it here….Thinking there will be some reposts happening every time I write something there 😉

Having been up almost all night listening to the rains lashing, thunder roaring & watching the flashes of lightening; I was dreading that I was in for a really bad drive to work. As expected, the schools were declared closed. Less traffic on the road came to mind. Knowing Chennai, I expected the roads to be water-logged, people driving badly – honking & yelling!

Drove out of my street, so far so good…no hold-ups. Smooth flowing. Listening to the radio where traffic updates were being given, was thinking “Hey! good thing am not on those roads where people had been stuck for an hour or more…I am moving!”. At the back of my mind I kept telling myself, that I am saying it too soon. Usually clogged up roads were ahead.

FYI, I drive on one of the arterial roads which leads to a highway-bypass, about 30 kms one way to work. I pass through quite a few bottle-necks which test one’s patience & driving skills!!

As I kept going forward, I noticed the traffic was well-behaved. In fact I was thinking if something was wrong as I didn’t hear much honking!! Am I sleep-driving? Dreaming? People were signalling, giving each other way! In general, I noticed the drivers/riders were obeying rules!!! Of course there are always exceptions, but there were way too few of these today!

I reached work and took less than the usual hour I take. There are times (on clear sunny days which are the norm here) where I have been stuck & taken close to two hours! What was different today?! I expected it to be the worst case scenario. Roads being flooded and they were in most places. There are more potholes than roads. People were cautious. They were more patient?! I didn’t see as much road rage as there usually nor people cutting in, driving like they owned the roads.

This really got me ruminating. Same road, I believe same people (most were heading to work & they take the same road everyday?!? Logical?! 🙂 ), bad weather & road conditions. Yet, traffic flowed, the traffic cops (bless them! standing in the rain) managed fine at one of the busiest signals. I have decided it was my expecting the worst. So, even a slight improvement made me look at things in a positive light. Also, having expected the worst, I had decided not to lose my patience which I believe helped. I was also quite prepared -mentally & had checked the car (wipers/lights).

The preparation, other people co-operating (don’t think they knew they were 😉 ) and some wonderful weather with music in the background certainly made it a pleasant drive overcoming the waterlogged roads with potholes (some say potholes with roads in between).

Has left me wishing there were more such days!!

PS: I really do love the rains!

My woes with a service provider

I write here after so many months only to rant! Sorry …but I have had it till here (wherever that is 🙂 ) with a certain network that says one needs every kind of friend. Seriously to deal with them, one does need every friend!!!

I must say I have been battling with a few issues for quite some time now…say almost since I stopped posting here. Currently have 2 issues running.

Let me start with the older one. I have my broadband service from this network. Till sometime now, I have been living in the city :Chennai. Suddenly the network decides that I live in Kanchipuram. According to them, my pin code(zip) falls into Kanchipuram. Been hitting my head against brick walls saying the city is Chennai, may be the district is Kanchipuram. I guess all this struggle started around September?! Anyways, long story cut short – I have been getting etiquette lessons about how I must speak even if I  am the frustrated paying customer who gets no resolution to the issue (though after every phone call, get a text message saying issue resolved!!!)

Point to note: One phone call I received enquiring about this from the network. The guy asks me to explain everything!! I asked if they every maintained any logs of calls!!! Frustration mounts if you have to explain each time about the issue & the history! I asked him sarcastically if Kanchipuram was Chennai. He goes I don’t know I am from Gurgaon. Told him don’t care if he were from Timbuctoo but I needed the correction done on my bill (which can be produced as proof of address for any official purpose). He does not even bother to cover up he tells his colleague in Hindi that I speak too much! I responded back in Hindi saying anyone would if they went through what I do to get my address right! He continues to his colleague “yeh madrasi hindi janti hai!”. Limits! And these people teach us phone etiquette!!!!

After calling, mailing, tweeting; I have given up. So according to my broadband provider the city on my address should read “Kanchipuram” –  a  town I probably have visited twice in my lifetime so far!!

My second issue. I got a gift of an iPhone4S (yay!!). Well not so fast to celebrate. To use it, I need a microSIM card. I call the relationship manager of the network that I deal with at work and ask him. He said he would get it to me that day… which went on for more than a week. I gave up, went to a private mobile store; got my old (one I used since 2008) SIM card laser cut. I call the network to make changes to start using 3G.

10 December: I get a call congratulating me on my phone. Tell me about plans for my usage. Then when I said the network drops, am told the issue is with the card and I would receive a brand new one by Tuesday that week. She would also call me on Wednesday to follow up and find out if it worked fine?!

14 December: Evening after waiting, not receiving card nor call, I call them. They say they tried to reach me and I was unreachable. They tried once. I had given them an alternate mobile number which also uses the same network!!

15/16 December: They call me once each day while I was entering a meeting or was in one. I tell them a time to call, I never get the call.

Fast-forward to 20th: Still no microSIM from the network. I call. They had closed the previous call and start a new one.

No calls from them… 21st I try cust care from my iPhone. I cannot reach them at all.I use my other mobile, tell them this…they assure me I will get a call back in 15 minutes around 4:20 PM.

22 December: 10:30AM no calls. I call using my other line, to be assured I will get a call back in a few minutes (I must have asked what their few minutes was specifically!) Around 4- 4:30Pm, lo behold I can call from my iPhone4S. I ask what happened. There are no records of calls made on 21st & 22nd!! The whole process of issue/history starts! I lost it. Told them I have lost hope that I would ever receive a microSIM from them, not now, not in this century or even next!

Supposedly I was told that my network drops because of faulty old SIM card but I cannot get it replaced. So, do I suffer with the faulty network stuck with “amazing” customer service (btw, I am told by the mechanical voice when I call customer service that I am welcome to their Platinum service!!!).

I am sure that they would have “resolved” the issue according to them. I am stuck with lousy network services which will be blamed on my SIM card making me wonder why I ever got a phone like this (which by the way is a pleasure to use!!)

In conversation with a friend, we were saying may be we must stop paying our bills and then may be they will call us!?!?! If we as prompt paying customers get this service, GOK what others are provided with?!?!

I must say one thing these people have made me do is get back to writing on the blog! Wish it were on a happier note and not such a rant!


Rant alert!!!!

This morning as I was getting ready for work, the TV was tuned into a regional news telecast. The news item was about a road accident. A truck (lorry here) had struck a family on a two-wheeler. The father and infant (4 months old) were in serious condition. The mother and the other kid (2.5 years old) died.

I felt sorry for the family…yes. Though what went through my mind and what made me write about this is “who really was responsible for this accident?” I don’t generally swear, but trust me when one drives in the roads of Chennai; even the most gentle person would be swearing! Driving, the roads, utter lack of acknowledgement to rules is pathetic to say the least. This is not about all that though. What hits one in the face is the lack of value for human life. No one bothers!

Two-wheelers – they are easy to buy, easy to use and in the city traffic – weaving in & out gives a fast means to travel. No doubt! Wearing a helmet is (or is my usage of tense wrong here and should it be “was”) mandatory. Very few actually wear one! It is weird to actually see people amused when I used to make A wear his the last 2.5 years that I have been riding on a bike here and taking him along. It supposedly is quite a sight to see a kid wear a helmet!!! Doesn’t that alone show how pathetic the value of human life is?! Or are we all born with hard heads?!!

Why do I feel so strongly that the truck driver alone is not to blame?! He might be speeding and that is wrong. Deaths occured. Why did a family of 4 travel on a two-wheeler? I am very sure that the woman on the pillion, the toddler nor the infant sported helmets. The man might have (a very slim possibility) worn one. The woman would have sat with both legs to one side (supposedly lady- like) holding the infant. The 2.5 year old must have been in front of the father who was riding. Why am I so sure this would have been the case? This is quite a common site all across the city! So, say the truck is travelling at a permissible speed, the father with 3 others precariously perched on the bike comes in front… what happens? Of course an accident! The guy cannot manoeuver his bike with all. The truck driver, even if he had applied the brakes, cannot make his vehicle stop in an instant! Is it right that the truck driver takes the blame cos he drives a bigger vehicle? cos truck drivers are stereo-typed to be rash in their driving?

I do not say that truck drivers here are saints. Their driving would take a whole new post or many!! I just want to say that people must take their safety into consideration. Wear helmets. I know all cannot afford a car or hire an auto (tuk-tuk). Why not use the public transport? The buses are subsidised, safer (to an extent, certainly more than loading on to a two-wheeler). It might be an inconvenience to start early to take into account the unreliability of the timings of buses but it definitely scores over losing one’s life!

Hope this incident is a wake up call to the police officials here to enforce stricter rules especially when it comes to the safety of children. Child seats in cars are not mandatory. They can sit in the front seat in a car. None of them wear helmets (those that are made to wear one are looked upon as exhibit pieces!!) Child safety on the roads of Chennai again would be another long rant post….

Enough of blaming the truck driver alone for irresponsible driving , blame the family for being irresponsible. I sympathise for their losses; but I cannot for once say they are not at fault!!!

Summer, Cyclone, Traffic & more…

A month after my morbid post, I thought I would revive this blog – well, a wee bit at least. I guess this is a way to tell those who care out there that I am still alive, still existing! 😀

What have I been up to? Nothing much and definitely nothing great! I am enjoying the work I do. I never ever thought I would be called to that interview, least of all did I think I would get selected! It has been close to 3 months now in this job. I still have no idea what I am up to in life. I still am going with the flow – carpe diem, Nike in life… whatever  one would like to call it! So far the job is good – has its pros & cons. Learning to live with the cons and appreciating the pros. I realise that I love working with kids, especially those who are enthusiastic & well behaved/ communicative. The smaller ones are really cute! This is part of my job profile  – to organise workshops for children – the part I love most! 😀 . I heaved a sigh of relief when the summer camp was over with! It was well appreciated 🙂 (Alright am grinning with all my ugly teeth showing!!!)

Yesterday was a day I would not forget so easily. Laila, the cyclone hit Madras! Closed early at work, but had an amazing, unforgettable evening!!!  I had left my bike at work thinking I would pick it up today…. my luck followed! I can’t be too happy!! 🙂 I reach work only to realise I had not taken my bike keys! I had not packed lunch, there was none at the cafe! Now I guess this kind of proves that when I have a good day, it must be followed by one that is horrid! Is this proof enough to say that the one up there does not like me to be happy?! Was struck in traffic today on the way back home, had an interesting conversation with the cab driver ( could be a post by itself!!! ) about traffic, rules & people in Chennai!! One costly ride home and one pending back to work tomorrow!

I absolutely have no idea what is in store for me in life?! It is getting hard to live life one day at a time! A couple of them actually commented to me saying they can see my smile/grin but supposedly see sadness in my eyes! I don’t know if that is even remotely true…but these were total strangers who have no idea of what my life is about! Here I was thinking, hey I am smiling now, laughing even!!! Am I fooling myself?! I must stop wondering!! More than anything else, I must stop expecting anything at all from anyone!!

We won!!!

Rather the team A was routing for won 😀 It was an amazing evening. Last minute plans, A, Aaarti & I ended up having tickets to the Chennai Super Kings Vs Rajasthan Royals match in DLF IPL T20.

This is the first ever cricket match I watched in the stadium. I used to vacillate between wanting to watch it live there and on TV. Never got the opportunity to do the former; so ended up saying…hey!  it would be way better to watch it on TV with all the angles etc.., Lets just say that it was the case of sour grapes!

The experience watching the match live in the stadium was amazing!! The adrenalin rush. It was so clear who the audience was supporting. We are from Chennai 😀 Though I must say, there was polite applause for achievements by the other team (ok…may be few RR supporters were there! 😉 )

We won!!! though there was a point where it was possible for Rajasthan Royals to make it. We were wondering what is wrong with Chennai super kings who could not defend the highest total made in DLF IPL effectively. As in taking it to the last over!!

Having said all this, I must add, the “security” was not that effective. We were not to take cameras, water bottles, outside supporting merchandise….but saw all of it all over the place. I had upset A by not getting flags! Pacified him by begging for one from a neighbour!

Next the tickets! Must have been first…well… anyways… Paid double the cost. Then a bloke comes and says hey let me in, you can take A in without a ticket. Thinking he would pay up…he gets inside, pays less than half of the actual ticket price!!! I think he must have seen me coming right from when I started from home!!!!! The rest room facilities – stinker worth not mentioning (I guess public sanitation in India would be a separate post – rather…let’s just leave it there!)

A did enjoy himself. His star Dhoni (who by the way scored a duck) won according to him! Had to teach him that CSK won not Dhoni!! On mentioning my offspring, I must say that it was coincidence that whenever he asked us to get him something and either Aaarti or I stepped out, RR lost a wicket. It was noticed so much, that the lady in front of us actually turned around and asked him to demand for something from us to make us leave at the fag end of the game!!! LOL!!

This is one memory I will cherish. Have quite a list I have to check off on. As of now, one down – Watch cricket match live sitting in the stadium 🙂

Hope to plan going to the stadium next time around, get good seats with no hassles and of course not getting ripped off and re-ripped off!!! 😀

PS: I texted Vishesh asking for scores for the Barclays EPL as Man U were playing Chelsea and Arsenal against the Wolves. He did not respond 😦 Just got home and checked the scores. Wanted ManU- Chelsea draw! Chelsea won!! 😦

Urban Turban – an amateur’s review

This evening was spent watching Urban Turban , an Evam’s production. We (a couple of friends –Aaarti, Nik & I) caught the act at 3:30pm Museum Theatre, Egmore. It has been quite a while since I saw a play. The last one was by Rebelz (happy Nautankey, Praddy & Prasad ? 😉 did a wee bit of plugging :D)

Urban Turban is as the tag line says tall tales from the top of our heads. It was in stand-up comedy style. 3 people, 3 acts. TMK started his act first. It was about arranged marriage especially in the south Indian Brahmin society. The second part was by Shannon McDonnell giving a view of a westerner’s perspective of settling in Chennai comparing & contrasting life there & here. KK came in last. He went on about ovens, baking and endangered species .

One common thing I felt was that all their acts needed some pruning. Many of the jokes were repeated or stretched a bit too much. Exaggerations I totally understand can be a part of the show,  but truly felt that Shannon’s sometimes tended to get a bit to that side. She could have done away with the clichéd pictures of Chennai.

I must mention that I was impressed that they started the show on dot at 3:30! I like the way KK brought his pug on stage at the end (ok…I am dog lover! 🙂 & she was soooo cute 😉 )

Overall, I must just say that it was ok. It did not quite live up to expectations. I did have a few laughs. They did this for a good cause – Blue Cross.

This is the first ever time I have ever written a review. So please excuse me if I have made any mistakes! 🙂