Today is awesome!! And today is not so awesome either!! Yeah yeah roll eyes and say oh boy this Libra!! πŸ™‚

How many of us make the effort to stay in touch? How many of these friendships last? I am almost OCD in trying to stay in touch. I can’t not ping just to say hi. Over the years, age,ego have come in the way many a times! 

I have even called a close friend told him I will not call or text him ever saying I am done putting in the effort all the time. He is still my friend and am in touch with him! This outburst is like shaking him out of his stupor.

Then there are those you put in the effort for a while & decide ” well guess I am not worthy of the other person making an effort to reciprocate”. This fizzles out. Today is not so awesome a day for this reason. I decided I am not making the effort any more to ping a friend of mine who was really close. The last time I interacted I had mentioned that it was always me who initiated a conversation with the response saying “hey I always respond”.  This was a couple of months back. I pinged recently and well no response. So today I decided enough is enough! If I don’t even deserve a response, then why do I have to put myself through the effort??? 

Today is also awesome!! Friendships you make when you are a growing up do mean a lot! Out of the blue a wonderful friend pings and says hey! Saw pics of you & others in a meet you had. Jealous I am not there. Felt great to catch up. I said I was feeling bad and the response was so heartwarming saying that our friendship was special & treasured. 

Makes a whole world of difference to know that you mean something to someone indeed. The balance is swaying not ready to settle right now. 

I will just endeavour to be happy about those who are present in my life. ( even without my knowing they are there even πŸ™‚ ). I will try not to delve in anguish about those who may not have time for me in the hope that they too might be cherishing the time we had spent together. I also hold dear those friends who I have not even met in person (yet…) but have been great! 

Here is to friendships!! My source of strength in life 😊. Thanks!! 


It has been a while since I posted anything here ( well what is new about that right?)
It has been two decades since I graduated from high school. This buzz of 20 years started a while back. Discussions about when to meet, where and all that started doing the rounds. Facebook pages created; school mates reminiscing. There were those who came out of hibernation. Some still are in their caves ( don’t even know where they are!)
Everything was fine as long as it was online. When it came to the actual event which happened in Chennai yesterday, I was apprehensive.
Reunions also are about what has happened since graduation; what you are up to ( how you look too!). Me the libra was quite ambivalent. I must say I have been in touch with quite a number of my school mates. So, they pushed me to make the decision.
D-day I was there in school. It felt good. Fifty odd of us turned up with some actually coming from out of town. It was just overwhelming to see all. Yes, didn’t recognise some faces but it turned out to be one fun day.
As a friend said, there were no pretences. It was genuine pleasure to see all, share laughs, pull each other’s legs. The guys who organised this chapter of the reunion did an amazing job!
I can truly say that I will look forward to the 25th year reunion. πŸ™‚ If by any chance fate takes me to the US venue of the 20th year reunion in July, I won’t shy away!!
Friends from school know you. They are not judgmental of what life had dealt to you growing up! It does not matter what you wear, how you look, what you do. Of course we did exchange notes about what we were up to but it was no big deal!! Thanks to those who did make me land there!
Now it feels nice to be reunited to my blog space writing a happy post! πŸ™‚

Do not miss this! :)

Toy Story 3

I wanted to go to this movie on 25th June when this was released here. Had told Aaarti who also wanted to go. Well, did not get tickets. We finally went today πŸ™‚ Aaarti, lil A and I prompt at the theatre before the movie started so that we did not miss the Pixar short.

What can I say? I have not enjoyed a movie like I did this evening! All 3 of us were laughing, commenting. In fact was telling Aaarti wondering if I was too loud. Have not laughed out aloud like that in a long long time! The movie is super cute! For a fan of animated movies, especially the Pixar ones, I knew this would not disappoint me. It did not! It was amazing!! Starting from the short – Day & Night.

The short was also thought provoking. How we are afraid of something new, unknown, fear of the different and to how we must look at things, take that plunge – Trying that now along with trying to live life one day at a time πŸ™‚

The actual movie if I start using adjectives it would all be superlative. What fun it was! Weird thing was the show…the theatre just stopped the movie and gave a break! Got so irritated about that break! Why in whatsoever’s name did we need a break in that movie!?!? Otherwise, this was such a treat for all 3 of us. Each doll has made an impact – apart from the old characters – the villainous Lots-o, big baby, chunk, chatter telephone, peas in a pod, dolly, bookworm, stretch…the list goes on. I am now sure that A would not let me donate/trash his toys! :). He has watched the first 2 parts of this movie and knows every character. He did bully me into getting him Buzz Lightyear in the last visit to the toy shop. He also has a long list of toys to be added (Wonder where I am going spoiling my son like this… or may be I am spoiling myself collecting all this in his name πŸ˜‰ )

Watch this. Would give the highest rating (don’t care if I am biased to Pixar animations – this movie is worth it. It lives up to expectations & more) I did not talk too much about the story as I do not want this to be the spoiler type posts πŸ™‚

I guess the smileys on this one shows that I still have a grin on my face thinking of the wonderful evening!

Dancing in the rain :)

The day started off really well, just the kind of weather I like :). I got to know that I would be having a job for the next 9 months. That was great news!! I went over to spend some time with colleagues prepping for a halloween party. By the time we were done, it started to pour.

I love the rains!! I started to put my hands out and catch the downpour, ended up just going out and twirling around, getting wet. I did not want to ride home in the rain and this was the way I spent the time waiting for it to subside. People around me must have thought “Crazy woman!!!” but I loved every minute of it. Lightning, thunder and a heavy downpour. Enjoyed it.

The downpour came down to a drizzle. It was getting late, A was waiting at home!! (yeah I remembered I had a kid to go home to πŸ˜‰ ). I drive down, the roads are flooded. Traffic everywhere!!! To top it all, my bike stalled every other minute. Was wondering each time whether it would just die. My bike’s headlights did not function. Icing on the cake, my fuel gauge was edging towards “empty”. I rode on. The thrill of what might happen felt nice.

I know I have cribbed many a times of wanting to know what is in store. How is this different? Well, for starters, I knew what I had to do. It is not like life off late where I did not know what is in store, had (have) no plans and even if I did have plans they did not work!!

Reached home and hugged A (who asked me to change cos I had wet clothes on!! Wonder who the parent is!!!!! :D). Felt like I loved life all of a sudden. Was it knowing I would be employed for the next few months? Was it just spending the evening and feeling free!!!??? Whatever it is, it felt good. It feels good to share this here! πŸ™‚

To more such days!!

Smile please – thank you!

Vishesh has tagged me yet again!!!!! The smiley man wants us to spread smiles here through this tag.

The objective -to make people smile.

Well, it is a nice objective don’t you say?

An onion can make people cry, but there has never been a vegetable invented to make them laugh – Will Rogers

Don’t know about vegetables, but I will try my best to meet the objective of the tag! What makes me smile? I am way too easy to please! Smile at me, I smile right back πŸ™‚ Comic books like Asterix & Obelix, Tintin, Suppandi, Calvin & Hobbes, Dennis the Menace – name it; I love them. Comedies be they on TV or movies – I enjoy them. Who does not like to break into a smile or laugh?

So, now how do I get you all to smile? Hmm….

This piece of audio

(WP does not allow me to upload the MP3 file directly here. So sorry for the inconvenience 😦 )

has never failed to bring a smile on my face. I think it would bring a smile on anyone’s face. It is the sound of innocent laughter – my son when he was around 2 (supposedly happier times!) laughing away watching his jack in the box go pop!
I love the book series (and of course the TV series) of Yes Minister & Yes Prime Minister. They have a timeless charm. I guess those instances would fit to a tee any time in any political scenario πŸ™‚ So, here is a clip I have enjoyed many a times.

A sport I like to watch – cricket. I have been told by some that it is a boring game. I have often told them, that there are moments that happen on the field that are wonderful to watch. Here is one of them.

Leaving the rest of the picks for others to choose from (and making the post a wee bit shorter πŸ˜‰ )

I hope I brought a tiny peep of a smile at least on my readers’ face.

Vishesh had asked me to tag the Chennai bloggers & Nikhil.

I also tag Oorja, Muse & Shy πŸ™‚

Season’s Greetings!

Image: Courtesy Google Image search

Wishing all happy holidays! Hope this season gives every one what they wish for πŸ™‚

Update: A & I are getting pampered royally at my grandma’s – meaning he is getting spoilt rotten and I am putting on loads of weight which I probably will never lose πŸ™‚

Merci beaucoup!

First of all, apologies on the tardiness picking up these awards. Guilty and no excuses! (HaveΒ  quite a few, but will spare one and all πŸ˜‰ )

Butterfly Award – for the coolest blog. I really don’t know if I deserve this with all the cribs –Β  & depressing posts that have been put up on this! GraΓ§ias one and all who have awarded this to me…

NautankeyNandri for writing my name properly & I know you intended this award for A more than me πŸ˜‰ Thanks on his behalf .
VimmuuuShukriya & congrats on getting that special some one in your life πŸ˜‰
Vishesh –Β  A loves butterflies, so do I. GrΓ zzie
Scorpria – Welcome backΒ  to blogging! Valarey nanhi for the award & the scoop on you know who πŸ˜‰


The Trophy Cup was awarded by Vimal, Vishesh & Scorpria. Danke!


Well, in the lead up to this award ( for investing and believing in proximity – nearness in space, time and relationships)Β  in a foreign language bestowed upon me by Bhargavi & Scorpria – I used some words in other languages to say Saagha xalda hwa ,Baie dankie, Dhanyabad, Shukran gazilan, Dhanyawaadagalu and finally in my mother tongue Tamara krutagntha.


Got the words for thank you in other languages I don’t know from here πŸ™‚

Now the onus on me to pass these awards on to my fellow bloggers….
The butterfly award goes to
Nova – hoping to see posts from the married you soon πŸ™‚
– here is to Silver linings
Arvind – to keep entertaining us readers.
TheBeadDen – to beautify your blog further πŸ™‚

The Trophy goes to
Dinesh – for keeping us laughing & thinking
Kaylee – for taking a bold step and being honest
Roop – For all the efforts to fight female foeticide
Supriya – for your life mantra

The Proximidade award goes to
Muse – for all your thoughtful posts, comments
Laksh, Raaga, A-kay – for standing me for this long and still being friends πŸ˜‰
Rajitha, Spillay, Reema , Sulz , Mitr – The wonderful posts you all write & the way you have pepped me up many a times.
Imp’s mom – My soul sister πŸ˜‰
IHM – The thought provoking posts you write and we debate on πŸ˜‰
Nikhil & Aparna – for getting me out of depression many a times πŸ™‚
Kris –Β  hoping you have all that you wish for.
Nautankey, Bhargavi, Aaarti, Praddy, Sharada , Vimal, Arvind– For all the fun times we had and will have. πŸ˜‰

I think I am kinda listing all on my blog rollΒ  here , so let me just say…to all on my blog roll ( I know some of you have already got these awards and this is just reiteration on my part πŸ˜‰ ). I would actually like to give this to a few friends of mine who don’t blog, but do read this- those who have stood by me through all my downs & hoping/praying for my ups to come soon, those who I miss a lot (the alphabets I have used πŸ˜‰ )….Β  Here is to proximity πŸ™‚

Thank you all once again! Thank you seems to be so insufficient a word sometimes!

Accept with all glee :)

Vimal of V-lokam has awarded me here. He has presented me with one award which I don’t reall think I deserve which is the “Brillante Weblog Premio – 2008” and has extended his forever blogging friendship with the “Blogging forever friends”.

I gleefully acccept both. Who will I be kidding if I said humbly in this case? I love getting such awards πŸ™‚ Thank you Vimal.

I am to pass these awards on.

I chose to pass the Brillante Weblog Premio – 2008 to Laksh,Β  Quirky Indian , Nikhil ,Shefaly , Spillay, Dinesh Babu

I have found a lot of support on this space who have been supportive through my tough days. I extend my hand of blogging friendship to all of them.

Special mention friends here are Spillay , Mitr (doesn’t her name say it?) , Rajitha, Imp’s mom, Indian Home Maker, Kris, Muse , Sulz, Reema, Nikhil & Aparna. This feels like one of those long Oscar acceptance speeches where the list to thank never ends; so now I can relate. The BFF card is given to all others who have taken their time to read and comment here anonymously or alphabetised themselves ;). Laksh, A-kay, and some of the silent readers of my blog who have had the fortune(?) of knowing me for quite a few years….you all know you have no escape from me (evil grin! πŸ™‚ ) and have endured me all along. πŸ˜‰

Scrabble and thought process!!!

Ok here goes…this is how bizarre my thought process is. Was playing Scrabble with my best friend (who happens to be really good at the game!) I started the game and my letters were UIBAALP…Was trying to put all the letters on…and the only word I could come up with was ‘ABULIA’. Now don’t really know how that hit my brain at that point of time…but this is what it means….”Loss or impairment of the ability to make decisions or act independently. ” Was telling my friend I probably suffer from it πŸ˜€ She answered I was delusional. I told her I was told that I suffer from another psychiatric disorder by another who had read quite a few books on the disorder. This led to my friend telling me she has read so many books on assassinations that does not make her an expert on the matter!

This led me thinking….how we sometimes tend to read some books , or watch TV on some disease and many a times, decide we suffer from the disease!!! Was told by a friend who is a doctor that when they were students, thought they suffered from each and every disease they were studying about! At the time I heard this, I found it ridiculous!!

Just thought how weird one’s thought process can lead to really bizarre and mostly stupid conclusions. One thing though… feel nobody is perfect…it is the degree that differs in each πŸ˜€

Now another thought I had today was overwhelming. I am so pleased that I am grinning ear to ear since I saw that two of my friends have given this to me – A-kay & Laksh.
Nice Matters Award

I thank them both for making my day. Give it right back to them. I also give this to Raaga, Swaminathan , Yogs, LG, Usha, Sangi, Gokul, Kurinji, Anand Gadre, GKa, Karthik, Nana, Prasanna,…quite a few non-bloggers (list is kinda long….but lately some of them have been really nice to me and some have been the nicest people ever since I got to know them!)

Thanks a lot for being in my life and being more than nice to me.