Sunday Stealing! & life changes

I got a mail from Mr. Lance of Sunday Stealing…for this. Then got a pingback from Dayle Fraschilla who took up the meme here. 🙂 Thanks! 🙂
This reminded me of how it was taking memes. Making friends on this blog. Over time, my blogging frequency has come down. I don’t even remember what was the last meme I did. I do read most of my favourite blogs but don’t leave comments like I used to. Pity that I don’t even seem to rant as much or share anything… wondering why?!I am tempted to retake the same meme at least some of the questions, just to see if life has changed?! Nah!!! Life definitely has changed since this. Been two years!! I have changed jobs (I didn’t have one then!), A is 2 years older. I am 2 years older & wiser 😉 (ok…that I probably never will be). I guess I don’t trust people like I used to.( well still not too good at this yet! Needs more work). I also need to learn how to tell people exactly what to do to themselves when they comment on my life choices. I am always up for a debate but not ready to hear judgemental comments on anything which includes topics like who I spend time with, what I wear, how I must raise my kid, spend my money etc…
I have changed my mobile quite a few times since 😉 (yeah…I like gadgets, make the effort to save money to buy them so people who comment on this habit…here goes – my money, my wish). In fact I have also changed my car, dress sizes (up and down and up…). This is as far as material things go.
Oh how can I forget?!?! I am officially legally single. Ok…in Chennai I am a divorcee. I have a globally acceptable document that says this!!  Thanks to my divorce happening in NY, USA and me living here in India; trying to get a passport without the name of the spouse on it (yeah…you can get a person’s entire life story if possible from Indian passports), I had to learn what an Apostille document is. I had to even educate a few officers in the passport office here.
I thought I have come a long way when it comes to battling depression since Feb 2009. This was yesterday. Today I am not so sure. I have to be honest here, I still battle with thoughts of suicide, sending A to his father & just disappearing hoping to make people happier at least then. Crux is I don’t think I have won that battle or am I even close to it when it comes to depression 😦 Have my ups and downs…
As usual my thoughts are all over the place. Well I am living up to being the ruminator…I have to stop ruminating I suppose :D.
The tagging at least has given me an excuse to scribble here…
Here is to hoping that this year is better for me and those few readers I still have or any of those new ones who happen to accidentally find their way here (that is some optimism from some one like me who prides in being a pessimist in capital bold letters 🙂 )

What would one really want to hear?

Stuck in an impossible situation….one talking to a friend…what would one really want to hear at that time? We say we want an honest we really mean it? We say we don’t want to hear clichés on hope, destiny blah blah….again do we really mean it?
So, what should one say to another in that place? Give an honest opinion…it might hurt the other more…say a cliché, it sounds so artificial…
I have faced this…been given honest opinions which I just wanted to refute but could not as the other person was supposedly lending a supporting shoulder. I guess I would have preferred to just hear clichés from such a person. I also find myself being able to accept honest opinions from some people; but the same from some one else – just irritates me and makes me feel worse at that point of time to be put in that situation to hear those from that person! Don’t know if my previous statement made any sense. 🙂
Should I blame the situation, myself, the other person or what the other person is saying?? I guess it is an art talking to people. One would take ages to master and to some it is just inherent. For some people like me, even the best meaning statements are taken in the wrong sense by some….mabbe it is me, or mabbe it is just that the other person does not like me saying anything at all. As I find those people always mistake me…whatever I say or do. I should learn to ignore those…or just learn what one really wants hear from the other at every single turn…easier said than done 😉