Crossroads – again?

Yeah!! At crossroads again. Wondering if it is all me and I must not blame circumstances any more? 

Life has pretty much been work- home and back to work – meaning there has been no life really!! I understand it is the scenario for many. Point is, I don’t want it to be. For a person who has now come to terms that work is all I would have in life, I understand that it is a bit of an anomaly to say I want something more. Oh boy!! Is my reaction when I read that statement. 

I am irritated that people don’t even stand up to wanting to have a life outside of work. I don’t like it that if we do speak up, one becomes an outcast. Since when did work become unwritten bond to slavery? Why is it taken for granted that we would be at the beck & call of leads at work?! If one refuses, it is taken as being inflexible!! 

Same people who speak of individual rights, fair play, team (and all other buzzwords you can think of) are those who just don’t bother to adhere to those. 

Been following conversations of loyalty to companies. Yes, comes into play when the company is good to an employee. 

Anyways after all the random rumination in the post ( going in circles now), I am wondering if I must continue at my current position. Work has become everything to me ( realising that is all I will have in the coming years). I don’t know if I would land another job. So here I am at yet another crossroad. Do I quit ?( heart tells me I must – enough is enough). Do I stay on & endure crap? ( mind says may be wise since I have no other offer & no sign of one). 

Heart over mind or vice versa?! I am told to get an offer and then quit by a good friend of mine. Told him that the line of job offers is as solid as the line of supposed suitors for me ( he does keep asking me to find a person too)!! 

I am just really tired of this among many other things. With my health having gone for a toss, my trust factor at its all time low, self confidence non-existent…. Wondering if it is the end of the road ?! Wishing it is. May be I am just not cut out for anything!! 

I really have no clue! Am confused, depressed, demotivated, lonely and lost! 

Days I feel like Calvin – everyday ( thanks to google image search 🙂 )


A rose by any other name…

I resisted writing this post for quite sometime now. Yes, it is a post about retaining your maiden name after marriage. All the posts in the blogosphere, some bordering on the lines of obsession, have got to me! I wonder if  Mr.Dutt is actually enjoying all this publicity albeit negative. After all, it keeps him in the news and people talking, so everyone is aware of his existence!!! Don’t all politicians want to be talked about all the time?! Be he an uneducated, criminal druggie or whatever!

So, adding to all those posts out there, here is one more! Should one take the husband’s name or not after marriage? Why should anyone have a say in that? If at all, it should be the woman’s choice. I have friends who retained their maiden names, friends who have hyphenated their names with their hubbies and those who have gladly changed their names.

Why create a hullabaloo over names?!  People do what is convenient for them or what is required of them in their own lives! None of us have any business asking others to do what we think is right! I had an MCP tell me that I am committing a crime by not having taken my husband’s name. I told him it was my choice, if any one could ever have a say it should be P. The guy persisted with his talks which got me irritated to the point where I told him; well I will change my name if P took my last name. After all, we got married to each other. The guy was aghast! It is just my take on this. I might have changed my name; but did not. As is Tamil custom (P is Tamil), the kid takes up the father’s first name as its last name. So A is AP 🙂 My nurse was amused at all 3 of us having different last names and I had to get into this long explanation of what is what!

Funny thing…P wanted A to have my last name as his! Wish it were that way now…*sigh*. Here I digress!!!

So, I just want to say….forget it!! Stupid politicians with their idiotic opinions! Who bothers? Why should one bother and give it way too much of an importance? Though I am doing it right now. It is not because of some criminal/junkie’s opinion but because I really was getting irritated with all the hoopla/the obsession etc by educated bloggers! Now I am just adding to the irritation of others I suppose 😀 Done my bit 😉

Jaago Re…indeed!

Phoenixritu had written this post. I am not getting into speculation about the causes of the event. This post is more to do with the latter half of her post.

Some hard questions

1. Why are criminals allowed in politics

2. Why are crorepatis without pan cards given tickets

3. How are people without any known assets or income going to fund their campaign

4. What are the educational qualifications of these candidates

Who are these people and to whom should these questions be raised?

Every time there is an election, every time there is some calamity; we raise these questions and many more. I don’t think we have received answers even once. We just have more candidates with criminal records, no educational qualifications (degrees bought out of universities don’t count! ), no accountability who get elected, hold posts of power and get richer by the nanosecond (though supposedly they are so straight forward…corruption…hai Ram!!!)

IHM says that 49-0 is the answer here in a post aptly named “Let’s make Politics a clean word”. I beg to differ. These politicians play a mean game. In a country which is mostly illiterate, a country where caste/creed/religion( I believe in that order) is supreme, a country with vote bank politics – 49-0 is but a dream. Only the educated masses might make use of that (only those who actually go and vote….many a times to find that they already have cast their vote!!) This is a very very small percentage compared to those who go to vote for candidates who are their favourite film star, or those who give away free brooms/buckets/umbrellas/tv sets (booze, biryani….), those of their cast, those who promise to give rice at INR1/kg….the list is endless.Though with the Jaago re (trans.:wake up) effect & this as IHM has written….it might (very small percentage…) work.

So, what is the solution?! IMHO, how about giving tickets to only genuinely educated candidates? How about an entrance exam dealing with the constitution, current affairs, history, economics, geography (don’t want someone who thinks Afghanistan is a neighbour of Alaska 😉 ), world affairs, general knowledge as subjects? Yes, this test should also have a pretty high cut off rate. Wonder how many would even qualify!! Declaration of all assets. No criminals allowed. Talking about caste/creed/religion in any forum of election immediately will constitute a ban on the candidate and fine on the party. How about truly educating the masses….media (every news medium – internet to vernacular newspapers) now is your turn to clean up your act. I would even say, actors not allowed unless they qualify otherwise.

Seriously, who ever came up with multi-party democracy?!?! The party in power(?!) in a coalition government with constant fear of losing support does not help in anyway in governing the country. Anybody who wants to, can start a party (of course have loads of cash….). Ridiculous.

I better stop this political rant and throw it open to those who come here. What are your ideas/suggestions? I might be totally off in what I have written here – guess democracy and freedom of speech are at work. Well, when politicians can abuse that to give their opinion on dress code & behaviour of women who supposedly don’t protect Indian culture; guess I can write what comes to my mind.

One thing though, I believe we must exercise our franchise. It would take ages before any semblance of electoral reforms comes up and to enforce them effectively. So, let us make best use of what we do have now, vote for the right candidate. Make each and every vote of ours count.