It is almost midnight. It was only the hum of the old AC unit in the room & my thoughts making noise. 

Mind wandering through what has been a tough week. Mentally, physically, emotionally. Advised to not take emotional decisions, and per chance I didn’t. Spoke to a good friend with a sound mind and laid out a plan. Tangible one as far as plans go. Though knowing my wonderful luck so far, one never knows.  

Started thinking what has brought a smile this week? Definitely time with A when I was not screaming at him venting my frustration on the poor kid. The interactions with a few friends – old & new. Cooking some nice food over the long weekend. Amused by the garden rat’s taste for the petrol feed tube to my bike. I guess it must be Jerry as I do know that there are quite a few cats around the house yet these rats/ mice seem to have a gala time with wires in the car and the petrol tube. What else? Oh yes! Seeing pics of friends & their family.  

Something I would not forget is pulling my little nephew’s leg on the phone wishing him for his birthday. Spoke in my mother tongue & he thought it was my mum talking to him!! Weird though cos I know my mum talks to him in English only!! This little baby does not wants to be one. He wants to catch up with his older brother and A ( who are partners in crime btw). I was telling him to stay a baby for a while longer. Enjoy the time & no he doesn’t. 😊 I am glad these kids get along well. I hope the gentle bullying by the big kids on the little one reduces as time goes by. 

Things going on in my mind In my time of solitude. Too many. Mind is on overdrive. 

I was just thinking won’t it be wonderful if it would rain to break my thoughts & the AC hum. Lo behold, I hear rain and thunder with lightning that flashes through the drapes on the windows in the room. It does feel nice when a wish comes true even something as trivial as this! 

What do I wish for now?! List is too long!! 😀

Though after the short work week I had that felt like it would never end, I would wish I started loving Monday’s again like I used to; when I loved going to work. Let’s start there!! 

Signing off now to listen to the rain, read a book for a while till I have to sleep! The sound of the rain is quite pleasant & soothing. 

Here is to a good weekend to all! 

Another day, Another year…

Like many others on the blogosphere, I did plan to do a balance check of the year 2008 & to list resolutions for this year.

The first did not quite work out. Well, turns out the previous year was totally imbalanced. Too askew for a Libra. I did have some 😀 days. Wish I got them back and they sustained. My son started LKG ( a long haul ahead!). I made some wonderful new friends (thanks to blogging) and renewed contacts with some old ones. Thanks to them for being a pillar of support in the askew times.

The second – well, I have never made any resolutions ever. I thought I would make the resolution to exercise regularly & diet. I was reminded by a friend that not only is that old school thought but is a necessity to leading a healthy life. Thanks 🙂 So, here is to leading a healthy life.

What do I wish for? World peace? 😀 . I am not a contestant in a beauty paegent (never aspired to be and cannot even if I did 😉 ) but world peace does not hurt. Anyways, on personal grounds, I guess any reader of this blog knows what I wish for :D. Just in case, I hope God (if one exists! ) stops using me as a punching bag to give me a reprieve.

So, why the title? January 1st does not make a difference in any way. It just seems like another day. 2009 is another year. That probably is the jaded me talking. I did wish one and all a very happy new year! 😀 and I am wishing all those who stop by here a really good year ahead 🙂

Hope there are many 😀 posts and less rants this year. Hope the same time next year, I don’t say it is just another day, another year (hey! just realised, may be it is a sign that I am more mature 😉 ) Lots more I am hoping for me and all around me.

Season’s Greetings!

Image: Courtesy Google Image search

Wishing all happy holidays! Hope this season gives every one what they wish for 🙂

Update: A & I are getting pampered royally at my grandma’s – meaning he is getting spoilt rotten and I am putting on loads of weight which I probably will never lose 🙂