This evening, A was having his piano classes. The tutor comes home to teach. Since I was not feeling too well, I was lying down in my room. I was waiting for the classes to get over, so I could head over to meet with a friend (taking A along with me.) Then change of plans, I decided to make some gulab jamuns. Needed sugar. A has now graduated to doing small chores like running across to the nearby grocery shop. I yell out his name…no answer!!

I ask my dad, he says he was just here. Mum (stuck in her room said she didn’t know). I yell out his name, my neighbour comes to me & says he was walking down the road. My mind was in absolute turmoil. Torn between anger and anguish. Where the devil is he? I got into my jeans & tee. Walked around the corner to the nearby children’s play area. I did not see him. I walked around the neighbourhood…no luck!! I was in tears – half in anger & half in worry!!! I had my mobile with me. It rings…call from home. A speaks to say he is home now. I rush home relieved. The moment I saw the boy standing next to my mother, I was happy & furious!!!! I interrogated him! He says he was in the play area playing hide &seek. Apparently when I went there, he was hiding!!! Gave him a earful on how he must inform one of us & then go. I was so scared that I lost him!!! 😦

This was terrible!! As I was telling a close friend of mine….I am tired & done with all drama in life. I don’t want great things, I just want peace. If at all my heart races, it must be because of having worked out hard (yeah right!!!….still πŸ˜‰ ). No more being torn like this!!!! I know this is wishful thinking…. *sigh*

Throughout this ordeal, was thinking what kids put parents through!!! I can totally understand love them so much but want to strangle them emotion!! πŸ™‚


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