Just when things seemed fine…

A couple of days back I was thinking, alright things seem fine; just a few creases to be ironed out in my life (like the divorce πŸ™‚ ) for sanity. The next day, my world is back to square 1. For various reasons, especially my stand not to compromise on the A being my priority has landed me in a place where I am looking for a job all over again.

One thing I realised in this experience is how people still think that work is only if you put in more than 8 hours even when not necessary; work saturdays and sundays! Don’t have a life outside of work; if you say you do, means you cannot handle the pressure at work! Living by the mantra that “work is life”! Something that I found even more weird is the meek acceptance of the above!

Once more I spoke my mind, stood by what I believed. I am sure I have not even made a small dent on any mind there. Just hope more people stand up and have a life out of work. Once more I conclude that this world is not for open, honest and straightforward people! πŸ™‚

One small thing though, I made some really nice friends here also πŸ™‚ Thanks to them, I had enjoyed the short time I had there.

6 thoughts on “Just when things seemed fine…

  1. work is fun too..i mean work can be fun too. it depends how you look at it and how much you enjoy it. If it becomes another chore, there is no way one enjoys it. I personally love my work place nad like the people I work with and challenges it offers. I have full life on saturday and sunday and evenings with family.
    May eb I am one of the lucky ones to have nice work place. Thank God.
    I mean , there is way to mix and match and enjoy both. And there is still goodness in the world too Apar; like the friends you made and may be a new place add to the list. good luck and my prayers( I’m not ready to give up on you and A)

  2. Shy: I loved my work and enjoyed the time I spent there. Just that since I have A who I necessarily have to spend time with, I had to take the stand I did. Besides, weekends were also not entirely mine to spend with A. Thanks a lot for your support.
    Laksh: Thanks da…hope so too.

  3. Hope you find a likeable place to work and I will be in chennai later this week. Will send you an email – hoping to catch up with you over phone if not meet in person.

  4. Apar. You are right in standing up for what you believe in! I wish you well with the job hunting.

    Also, I must say that you are a wonderful Mum in placing your son as a priority. However, I also believe that you must also have some “me time” for yourself. Don’t neglect yourself no matter how selfish the idea may seem to be πŸ™‚ .

  5. A-kay: Will mail you my number here. Sure we will catch up:)
    Spillay: Thank you for stopping by here πŸ™‚ Just hoping things would settle down soon to think about “me” time πŸ˜€ And definitely A is my priority as he is the one and only in my life as such.

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