Listening to the radio the other day, it was a talk on whether it was worth hosting a party for a one year old. Many people were calling in with various views. This struck right on to me! We (my husband & I) did not host a party when our son turned 1. We did perform the religious ceremony though. Many friends did say that if there was no party, it is not a birthday!!!
Our reasoning for not having a party was – the party would have been more for the adults. We had decided that we will have parties when our son realises it is his birthday and has friends of his own. We are still told we did wrong and we still say we are right!
This reminds me of what my mother used to tell me when I used to ask her for money to give a treat to my friends on my birthday. She always used to give the money…but used to say that “what is it that you have achieved so far to give a treat? We as a family are happy about and proud of you. We celebrate your birthday at home. Ask your friends to come home, I will cook something good, make some sweets for them. Why do you need to go out? Is that the only celebration?? ” Rest assured, that used to irritate me and we had many an argument every year! 🙂 Now that I am older and atleast a wee bit wiser 😉 all that kind of makes sense to me. I am not even in touch with most of those friends I used to hang out with now. Don’t even know where they are!
Does spending money alone equate to celebrating?? I would rather spend the money elsewhere or give it to charity. Those people who insisted on a party did not even call to wish on my son’s birthday (both birthdays that he has celebrated so far)!!
Don’t really know if we will have a party this year for our son…maybe maybe not…but are sure thrilled to have him in our lives. 🙂

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