Typical thought that comes to me :)

I have lot of friends and many are really close to me and I treasure each one of them. So, when somebody asks me about my best friend, there are times I am flummoxed!!! I cannot choose just one among quite the number I hold close to my heart. I also wonder when people give a long list when asked about their best friend.

Wonder whether when it comes to friendship, the term “superlative” loses its meaning…or may be the word “best” is just superlative in term…not really the one or the only one?!? So when someone gives a list of friends as being the best – is it because they are the best among the group of friends??

I just end up saying a “really close friend” instead of using the term “best friend” 🙂 Maybe I am being too bothered by grammar?!? Setback of havng a literature major as a mother I suppose 😉

This thought might sound utterly stupid (like many others!! )…but still felt I should pen it down. 😀

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