Pink Chaddi Campaign

I have not blogged about the “Ram” sena. It was not because I approve of it. It was simply because I was too disgusted with their acts that I felt writing about them made me even more sick to my stomach.

Laksh of Musings brought this campaign to my notice.Thank you Laksh! Let us join in – men & women, boys & gals – even those of us who don’t like pink, those of us like the campaign says don’t even think of Valentine’s day or go to pubs!

Here is the link to the campaign. Let us do our bit to those morons!

16 thoughts on “Pink Chaddi Campaign

  1. LOL, but why chaddi of all the things???

    Well..are u sending one?! 🙂 I thought you would ask why pink of all colours..but guess not! 😉 :laugh:

  2. Nisha: Collection Point for the Pink Chaddi in Mumbai : Ashwini : 9833075013

    Welcome here Nisha! Thanks for the information

  3. You have my chaddi, for sure!! I don’t have a pink one, though… (Er… Well… Shit!)

    Never too late to get one, is it?! 😉 When you can have a pink towel, get a chaddi to match it 😀

  4. I’ve read a bit about this, but since I’m not from the area I can only speculate on how this is affecting you all. I take it pubs and Valentine’s Day are both considered immoral by some? And, especially for women? Bah! As someone with no morals 😉 I think people should make their own choices. I’m not sending my underwear to India, though.
    PS, Nikhil is funny. 😀 is nice of you to be updated with what is happening here in India. You really don’t need to be from the area to understand. Yes, you are right…it is not just pubs that are immoral but women going to pubs, women wearing western clothes, having dates…the list goes on. Eternal fight to make one’s own choices!! Hope some day each of us can!
    Yeah, Nikhil is funny!! though I don’t think we should feed his already inflated head filled with God complex, narcissism and what not 😉 right Nikhil ?!? 😀

  5. What a fantastic idea this one. Absolutely marvellous. simply brilliant. Hats off.

    These nerds are lucky that Indian women are still so graceful to have such a non-violent campaign.

    This is the perfect slap in the face of all perverts who attack women.

    Welcome here TheBigIndian! Yeah…I found the initiative brilliant! 😀

  6. Do You all Know what is the meanning of lovE?
    Why not celebrate such a day . st valentine
    was a Roman priest martyred during the reign of Claudius II, known as Claudius Gothicus. He was arrested and imprisoned upon being caught marrying Christian couples and otherwise aiding Christians who were at the time being persecuted by Claudius in Rome. Helping Christians at this time was considered a crime. Claudius took a liking to this prisoner — until Valentinus tried to convert the Emperor — whereupon this priest was condemned to death. He was beaten with clubs and stoned; when that didn’t finish him, he was beheaded outside the Flaminian Gate. Various dates are given for the martyrdom or martyrdoms: 269, 270, or 273.[8]

    The official Roman Martyrology for February 14 mentions only one Saint Valentine
    the theory is not just loved by brother and sister, mother and father or lovers, bascially the entire world celebrates this day cause love is a felling where no man or woman can express
    religiuos parties who are going to ban this day, then why are you getting married to your wife is for love or money.dont get married and express your love . when many people dont know the actual meaning of love by harrasing their wives or mothers , ditching their wives. Today we women and men can golbalise this change by celebrating it with our young ones. I request the people to stop voting for such parties they dont need votes. requestiong government ban these parties.

    Welcome here Vanessa! Thank you for the background on Valentine’s. One can stop voting for these leaders; but I doubt if a ban is ever going to be effective. One is banned, another comes up. Sorry for the pessimism, but I think I am being practical 🙂

  7. Hey there,
    full support for pink chhadi campaign………
    being a woman it was disgraceful act for not only those who were hit but also those watching it….
    go ahead….

    Welcome here Bims! Absolutely right about the disgrace part!

  8. This campaign is the best thing that could have happened after what the animals did in Mangalore. Although I came to know of it quite late, but the poster is now at my sidebar! 🙂

    I liked the campaign too…hence the post 😀

  9. In this time of Recession collecting thousands of Pink Chaddies is a criminal waste of precious resources. Every paisa spent should be put to practical use, I suggest people deposit the Pink Chaddies at local Police Stations instead, so that the Chaddies can be used to mask the faces of Muthalik and the Goons of his kind when they are taken to Court to shield them from the Media. This way Police saves money on buying black masks and stingy cynics like me are kept happy.

    PS: If the Police chooses to be mere spectators or fail to arrest the Goons they get a free new Headgear. No disrespect intended to Women or diligent Policemen.

    Welcome here Rajiv! Good suggestion. We probably must undertake something against the police too!

  10. i m totally against it as the concept of pink chaddi is not correct way of campiangn remember we are in india and not in america agar bejnaa hai to RAKHI bejo

    Welcome here arvind! Haan yeh Bharat hai…magar mein in logoh ko rakhi nahi bejungi! 🙂 Koi or option hai?

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