Julie & Julia

I watched the movie Julie & Julia over 2 days!! So, here goes my attempt at a movie review my ishtyle  ;). The movie was good. The acting was too – well with an actor like Meryl Streep what else can one expect? I liked the way the movie went back and forth between Julia Childs &  Julie.

The movie appealed to me as it involved quite a few things that I like – cooking, blogging. Isn’t it amazing that then and now, women are faced with hmph…what is there to do?! Julie (Amy Adams) has a full time job, takes care of her home, yet she had to set a target and keep it to realise that her life is not really wasted. Julia in her days had to fight to even enter Le Cordon Bleu. Hasn’t time changed anything at all? We still find ourselves wondering what is there to do? What would make us feel worthwhile – Is there something else? If one is a home maker, it is not enough. If one is working, she does not take good care of her home. Nothing is ever alright or fine! We have to go more than the extra mile to satisfy oneself. In retrospect, is it us we satisfy or people around us?! The expectations that we set up for ourselves – aren’t they ruled by what is expected of us by others sometimes?!

Back to the movie 😉 (spoiler alert)  I felt it captured the emotions of blogging pretty well – wondering who is out there reading, happiness to get a comment, or being ranked high! Emotions of a woman – well, Meryl Streep was just too good. The way she portrayed her happiness for her sister having a baby yet, the pain of her own being childless. I must say that watching the movie almost makes me wonder how a poached egg tastes 🙂 The blown attempts at trying out a recipe to the jubilation of getting it right. The adoration of a fan. The love for cooking. The boredom of a job. The not having a place to call home. Everything was covered well. The fight between Julie & her husband and how she related that to not being a good wife – and how she thought that Julia would be different and not fight. The love & support between the couples. The competition among friends…even McCarthy politics.

Over all –  a good watch.


10 thoughts on “Julie & Julia

  1. I loved the movie and completely agree with your review. If Meryl Streep was great as Julia, so was Amy Adams as Julie. Loved the way Julie copes with the pressure of office and pressure of completing her recipes in 365 days.

    1. Yes, Amy Adams has done a good job as Julie. I like both the partners as well… the characterisations were good.

  2. Hi Apar – I’ve been meaning to see this movie myself so I only glanced through your post so I wouldn’t spoil it. LOL. I love Meryl Streep! I hope you are well!!! Oh, I wondered if that was you who was trying to follow me on Twitter? I wasn’t sure so I haven’t allowed it yet.

  3. Good review! I liked it very much. After all, it’s about two of my favorite things, blogging and food! (I don’t like to cook, but I like to eat!) I especially liked Julia’s husband, he was a great character.

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