Another day, Another year…

Like many others on the blogosphere, I did plan to do a balance check of the year 2008 & to list resolutions for this year.

The first did not quite work out. Well, turns out the previous year was totally imbalanced. Too askew for a Libra. I did have some 😀 days. Wish I got them back and they sustained. My son started LKG ( a long haul ahead!). I made some wonderful new friends (thanks to blogging) and renewed contacts with some old ones. Thanks to them for being a pillar of support in the askew times.

The second – well, I have never made any resolutions ever. I thought I would make the resolution to exercise regularly & diet. I was reminded by a friend that not only is that old school thought but is a necessity to leading a healthy life. Thanks 🙂 So, here is to leading a healthy life.

What do I wish for? World peace? 😀 . I am not a contestant in a beauty paegent (never aspired to be and cannot even if I did 😉 ) but world peace does not hurt. Anyways, on personal grounds, I guess any reader of this blog knows what I wish for :D. Just in case, I hope God (if one exists! ) stops using me as a punching bag to give me a reprieve.

So, why the title? January 1st does not make a difference in any way. It just seems like another day. 2009 is another year. That probably is the jaded me talking. I did wish one and all a very happy new year! 😀 and I am wishing all those who stop by here a really good year ahead 🙂

Hope there are many 😀 posts and less rants this year. Hope the same time next year, I don’t say it is just another day, another year (hey! just realised, may be it is a sign that I am more mature 😉 ) Lots more I am hoping for me and all around me.

14 thoughts on “Another day, Another year…

  1. Another day, another opportunity, another year, 365 opportunities to start afresh!

    Happy New Year!

    2009 may have its moments of surprises, challenges, triumphs, tribulations, highs and lows but through our combined efforts we can leave our marks on it.

    We can all make our small contributions to make this year a better year. Let the cumulative effect works its wonder, we just have to come together.

    Welcome here! That is a nice post you have there and yeah, well said…yeah another 365 days! Hope we can make this year good as you put it 🙂

  2. Oh, God does exist – I’m not gonna say something inane like, “He lives in all of us” because if he did, then I’d be right in calling myself God, but since I’m not, I know he doesn’t! 😉
    For me personally, I can almost feel the curtain being raised – I feel like a puppet on a heavenly stage being showcased and that all these years, I was being prepped for this particular act! And I’m showing the first signs of stage fright and I’m using the most obvious defense – I’m visualizing my audience in their underwear! 😀
    Life, Version – that should appeal to the programmer in you! It’s gonna come with a lot of upgrades, lesser malicious code, more user-friendly, inbuilt multimedia promised to bring a smile and a chance to win some awesome goodies! Beauty pageants are for brainless bimbos – you should enter the Beauty-with-brains Olympiad or something and you’d win hands down! 😀
    I hope to see a lot of 😀 days and a lot of 😀 posts by you this year! 😀
    Ok, too many smileys and I’m also afraid the comment will run longer than the post itself! So, I’ll stop blabbering! Happy New Year!! See you in Gokarna!! 😉

    Wow! I am typing this in with a :)… God…well we’ll talk about that! Life v sounds super cool! beauty-with-brains olympiad?! lol! and me winning…rofl!!I hope I put in lots of 😀 posts too. Will add a 😀 category, what say? Only after I read your comment, I saw my post. Found that there were far too many smileys in that!!
    So when is Gokarna happening?

  3. There is this book called Secret, it’s about how you get whatever you truly wish for. When there is nothing else we can do I guess we can just wish. I started my blog and drove on highways, drove after dark and drove for hours at a time – may sound like no big deal to many, but both the things meant so much to me … so they made up for many things that were not right with the World 🙂

    @ What do I wish for? World peace? 😀 . I am not a contestant in a beauty pageant (never aspired to be and cannot even if I did 😉 ) but world peace does not hurt. Nope, some World peace won’t hurt this year 🙂 Have a great 2009 🙂

    Happy new year IHM! I love driving. Miss it a lot. So, I know it can mean a lot 🙂 Blogging and putting your thoughts out there for all to see & comment also takes a lot. Will try to get my hands on the book Secret. World peace & a lot more this year 🙂

  4. Wow! U should be happy Nikhil wrote such a long comment! That’s rare.
    Wish u happiness and peace in 2009 and all coming years!

    Oh yes!! I am happy and know it is rare…what is rarer is the comment after yours Vishesh 🙂 He also has put in more than just a smiley that needs to get interpreted 🙂
    Happy new year to you Reema!

  5. @nikhil: first of all,why conclude it is a he? ever noticed in poems(if you ever read them,i doubt it 😛 ) If at all i assign God a gender it is a she?

    And 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

    @apar: find your tangents 😀

    I am trying to find the tangents Vishesh…and yeah 😀 😀 :D….
    Well, may be it is like this about God…a woman cannot be as hard-hearted 😉 using people as punching bags 😀

  6. Random – each day is a resolution and the start of a new life.

    check out the good, bad and ugly resolutions of 2009 –

    Welcome here Anderoo! Nice post on the resolutions…will leave my comment there 😀 Happy new year to you! Yeah…am trying to take one day at a time

  7. 🙂


    don’t you think we all must catch up a lil more frequently…

    🙂 Vishesh kaathu adichidutha? 😀 and that is obvious…we have to meet up more often!! Let’s start with this sunday 😀

  8. I am sure 2009 is going to be a lot lot better for u … it cant get any worse , can it ? and keep smiling…

    I will keep smiling…but am not going to say it can’t get any worse! Every time I do, it does! 😀 Hope 2009 is good for all of us!!

  9. years, bdays, festivals, all of them are just another day for me. It could be becuz of the fact that Im alone on all these days that it doesnt make a difference to me or my otherwise exciting life !

    You are not gonna be alone for long 😉 and you do have an exciting life!! 😀 You have all of us crazy (evil) people as friends 😀

  10. Well, one thing is you are probably more settled at the start of this year than at the last…so that means you are ready for change and for all the good things to come into your life! Just remember that A has a very cool mother who is about to do amazing things! I wish you all the best Apar! It was wonderful knowing you last year, and I look forward to this one. 🙂 😀 🙂 😀 🙂

    Thanks Muse! It was great knowing you too and yes looking forward to this one that way 😀 About amazing things…don’t know! 😀 Will let you know about what I do either boring or otherwise 😉

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